Good evening.

How are you doing? Hope everyone is enjoying their evening and had fun yesterday with World Mental Health Day.

My week has been great. Class is still fun, however I was shocked to find that my teacher didn’t give me a critical thinking question during my discussion post for this week. Also, I’m entering my final week of class, this journey is going by so fast. But I’m enjoying it. Hopefully, he’ll respond on Monday, I enjoy those questions now.

Health has been going good too. Thanks to Trulicity, my blood sugar is under control, and I’ve changed up my eating habits. I realize that I get thirsty in the mornings, so having my water bottle next to my bed has been a game changer. I’ve gotten better sleep on the weekends, still trying to get my full eight during the week, work in progress but that’s ok. I’ve been looking over my tracker and the only thing I still need to work on is a skincare routine.

During my health journey, I’ve noticed my face becoming more oily than usual. It’s time to create an effective skincare routine, continue to drink my water, and take better care of my skin. Also, I noticed I haven’t been good at taking my vitamins, so starting tomorrow, it’s back to taking the multivitamin, Life’s Fortune.

So some things have changed:

  • Better and longer sleep
  • Increased water intake
  • More cooking
  • Less eating out/less over-eating
  • More exercise

And here are the things I’m going to incorporate:

  • Take multivitamin
  • Start skincare
  • Do more journaling

I’ve been reading, and that’s helped with my screentime. But, I still manage to come back and endless scroll. Overall, this past week has been a good week.

Ok y’all, the medicine has kicked in and it’s time for me to call it a night. Sweet dreams!

Until next time…



Good morning.

I’m back after being away for four days. I spent the weekend at Mom’s again, due to having to do laundry, and spending some time with her and my niece, Haley.

Yesterday was a bit of a rocky start. Woke up, and my stomach decided to plan my morning out for me. 😖😣🤤🤢. Long story short, I knew I wasn’t going to make it through the work day.

After sleeping on and off until 10, I stayed in the front room and indulged in YouTube videos from Morgan Tracy J, Kaylin Nicholson, and watching reruns of adorable puppies 🐶 that I can watch all day. Most of the morning, I started planning things out for my Passion Projects, as well as knocked out my responses for school.

Then, I relaxed until five, and stayed in the zone for school until 11:30 last night. But, I think my stomach being upset was a blessing in disguise because it gave me time to relax and rest before I started taking on the daunting tasks of work and school. Also, I got to spend time with Dad once he got off of work.

I’m ok, and my blood sugar has been ok. I checked it today, and it was at 116 before eating which isn’t bad. It can (and will) be better so I’m still working on it and I’m in good spirits.

Just wanted to let you know that even when you don’t feel good, take that as a good thing. Your body is telling you that you’ve been working hard this week, and you need a break. Let’s take time to rest. So take advantage of those moments to either take things slow or just sleep all day. It’s ok, your body needs it. 😊

It’s Week 04, and I need to prepare myself for class soon. I’ll check in with you all later.

Until next time…



Good morning.

Happy Friday!

I just took my second Trulicity pen treatment for the week. I called Mom and told her about my experience. So the first pen, it left me feeling sore due to injecting the solution in my thigh- NO GO FOR ME!!!!

This round, I did the next injection in my belly (where there is more meat- 😂😂😂) and it didn’t hurt, and it was a lot easier for me to handle. Further in the conversation, she brought up that she told Nana about my news. Long story short, my health is impacting my grandmother.

It had me thinking, wow, I’m not the only one affected by my current health issues and decisions. How I take care of myself affects everyone. The last person I ever wanted to be affected by this was my grandmother because she’s a diabetic. It’s bittersweet because I’m glad to know that she’s concerned, but now I feel like that’s another person I’ve let down.

Don’t worry Nana, I’ll make you proud. I say all of this to say that your overall health is not just a personal matter, it’s a family matter as well. If you don’t have that support group within your family, start today. Sit down with your parents and loved ones, let them know how your health is, and figure out ways to keep each other positive and encouraged.

If you’re just starting on your health journey, create a plan. Write down your struggles, your goals, and what you want to get out of this experience. Do it together as a family so you can keep each other accountable.

Well, time for me to get work done. I’ll check in with you later.

Until next time…


Good morning.

We’re back to another work week, and like always, I want to start you off with a little inspiration.

Today’s post is going to talk about what I learned during the month of September. We only have a few days left, and then we’ll roll right into October. Crazy, only a few months left of 2020.

Let’s get started.

LET’S GET PHYSICAL: I created a plan for my physical health over the next three months. My A1C and blood pressure were impacted the most during my last visit, so I have 3 months to turn things around for the better. Like I mentioned in my last post, I downloaded the app Fabulous, which is like a habit tracker app. So far, so good, the app is helping with drinking more water and changing my eating habits. I’ll give you all a full update later on this week.

FOCUS ON THE MENTAL: Mentally, I’m doing better than I was Thursday. After the doctor’s visit, my mind went to a different place and I couldn’t focus on anything, I took the rest of that day to reflect and let everything sink in. Then, I used the rest of the day to journal and get out of the rut I created. The next few days were good, I took things easy since it was “That Time.” Then, last night, I spent the evening listening to InTouch and texted a good friend of mine about my day.

CLOSER TO THE FINISH LINE: Classes are going great. I passed my Visual Communications, and starting off strong in my Intercultural Communications class. My peers and instructor continue to inspire me to keep up with blogging, and my teacher really enjoys my writing. Only a few more months left, and I’ll have that degree.

READ MORE BOOKS: I’m still making it a goal to read more books. “Eat. Pray. Love” is still in rotation, and I decided to add another book to read for my personal growth. I bought a finance book to help me learn more about financing and how I can be more disciplined with my spending.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: Besides reading more books, I’ve created a list of things that I felt can help me with my personal growth. From learning more about productivity to learning more about minimalism so I can reduce stress for my mental health.
Overall, September was a wake-up call. The rest of 2020 is the time for me to put these plans into actions and make things happen. I’m still smiling at my future. It’s looking bright.

Ok, time for me to get back to work. Check in on you all later.

Until next time…



Good morning.

Happy Friday!

I know yesterday’s post was a bit much to handle. If you haven’t, check out the post here. It was a lot for me to handle too. But I wanted to share this post with you all to let you know I’m ok, and that things are going to be alright.

Thursday was a day that I didn’t expect to have an unexpected outcome. After finishing the remainder of my homework, and crying some more. I sat in the front room and put on something to make me happy.

That was “The Incredible Dr. Pol.”
Now, I’m probably getting confused looks like “Gabby, why are you watching that?” Well to answer your question, aside from the usual operating on cows, horses, and farm animals, my favorite parts are puppies. Puppies are cute, fluffy, and adorable.

After watching that for a few hours, I ended my night with a sermon from Faith Church that talk about people that plan and people that do. For some reason, Ariana Grande’s song, “Be Alright.” I sat there and started singing it, belting it out.

It seems that by doing all of these things, it calmed me down, and made me feel better. But during the small time of Quiet Time, I realized what I need to do to change. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  • I started my first Trulicity pen for my blood sugar- next one will be next Friday. I’ll give you all an update soon.
  • I checked my blood pressure and unfortunately, it’s still a work in progress.
  • I woke up this morning, reminded that God gave me a second chance and that things could be a lot worst. So I’m grateful for my current situation, but I know I need to do better.

Overall, I’m in good spirits and it’s “Shark Week” so time for slowing down and relaxing. I’ll check in with you later.

Until next time…


Good evening

Today… was a day of MAJOR reflection.

I had my physical earlier, and long story short, I’m on a sharp, slippery slope on my health journey. Both my diabetes and blood pressure spiked over the course of these past couple months.

Thanks Corona!

But, I have no one to blame but myself on this one. Apparently, bad days of eating, sleeping, no water, poor diet, and exercise can add up over the course of seven months.

Bad news, I have to start on a prescription regiment to control my blood sugar. Good news, if I kickstart that, change my habits over the next three months (really four, my next visit is in January), my doctor said I won’t have to take the prescribed medicine and can get back to my original plan of healthy dieting, exercise, and maintaining a healthy weight.

It was a rough day. After talking to my doctor, and going to get my bloodwork done, the lady taking my blood gave me some inspiration and motivation by sharing her story. Believe it or not, she used to weigh 300 pounds, but thanks to my primary doctor (not the one I saw today), she’s kept the weight off for the past few years now. She is he’s first original success story about doing things the old fashion way. With a smile, she told me to keep my head and that I can get through it.

And then, it happened….


Ugly crying, snotty nose, tears streaming down my face, and she hugged me. She just hugged me because she could see that I was struggling to keep it all together, and after hearing her story, I just lost it. I thanked her, and she gave me another hug. Then the hardest part, telling my folks. I told my father since he took me and he could see that I’ve been trying so his words to me were “We’ll try harder baby, you’ve got this.”

So, allow me to reintroduce myself. Hi, my name is Gabby, and I am a Type 2 Diabetic, with high blood pressure, chronic migraines and sinuses, and Bipolar 2 with Depression. Starting today, I’m going to kick all these health issues in the butt from now on. It’s go time!

Now, if you excuse me, I have a Zoom event to listen to. 😊🎧😊

Until next time…



Good afternoon

Just wanted to share with you all my update for this week. Long story short, it’s been hectic, busy, creative, and peaceful. Let’s get started:

ASHFORD UNIVERSITY: I turned in my video project for my last class and I’m waiting for the grades to come back. I hope I did ok. It was my first time recording and learning how to use iMovie. Last week, I told Jasmine that I was going to start vlogging, at least for practice. Even though I don’t have a vlogging camera yet, I can use my iPod to record, that way I just Airdrop the content and start editing through iMovie. I started my new class this week, and so far, inspired my peers and my professor with my story on mental health and how I’m working on other passion projects to continue to spread awareness of mental health. It made me smile to see my classmates and their interactions when they talked about reading the posts and how my experiences inspired them and motivated them to tell their stories and live in their truth. Only seven months left of school, and I’ll graduate with my BA in Communication Studies. 

HEALTH (PHYSICAL & MENTAL): My mental state has been pretty calm these past months since working from home. I have my moments when things are really high, and then I have my moments when things are really low. But overall, I’m still taking my medication, and still practicing ways to cope with my Bipolar. As far as my physical health, I have a physical coming up this week and I’m nervous. I’ve slowly started back getting active again, and my eating habits are still a work in progress. The last time I was this anxious when my results came back for Type 2 Diabetes, and I had my health scare back in 2018. I just hope they let me continue to work on my health the old fashion way. I go to the doctor on Thursday, so I’ll keep you all posted on what happened. Fingers crossed!

LESS SCREEN TIME: So far, this week has been 50/50 when it comes to me using less screen time. I’m on my workstation for most of the day since I’m working from home now. Then I take an hour break before looking at my laptop screen for another couple hours. Some days, I’ve tried to read my books on break. Other days, if I didn’t sleep well the previous night, I take a 15-30-minute nap instead to feel more rested and have more energy to finish my workday strong. However, I think that’s causes me to stay awake longer when it’s time for me to go to bed. I’m trying to break this cycle and improve on that as well. So, less screen time, more books, journaling, writing, and sleeping.

SPIRITUAL GROWTH: On my blog, I’ve been genuinely and brutally honest with you all. I’ve talked about things this week that I didn’t think I would talk about, but I’m glad I did. I talked about how rest isn’t a top priority in my life, I also talk about how I don’t seek guidance from The Holy Spirit when I’m having my Quiet Time, I’ve shared so many layers of myself this week, it’s been a struggle but also refreshing. I feel like I’m more relatable to you all if I just continue to be honest and share my story, even the ugly parts that most people don’t want to share. I’m growing and learning more about God and His love and mercy, how He wants us to be more God-like in a world full of evil, and how we must stay obedient to Him and practice applying His teachings to my life.

PERSONAL GROWTH: So, I started reading “Eat. Pray. Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert. It’s still a struggle to continue reading the book every day. I set a goal to read 25 pages a day, I think I’ll keep that as a goal until I become faster at reading. It feels like it takes me half an hour to read through the pages when really, it’s probably a few minutes. But I read slow, especially when it’s an adventure book like this one. I’m still writing and journaling, and it’s helped me with my blogging. So there will be more posts coming up in the next few weeks. I learned not to beat myself up over little things and trying not to let EVERYTHING stress me out. I’m also learning to build my relationships with my friends. I’m doing more texting and calling now, which is better than it was before.

Overall, everything is everything. Things are going ok, but I think that could be better. And it will get better. For now, I’m going to zone out for a few hours and work on writing this paper for class and respond back to my peers in the discussion boards.

Until next time…



Good evening

So, after work was over, I was going to tackle the task of cleaning the apartment. Well, that did not happen. Instead, I took a day off. But, after reading my devotional for the evening, I think I need to incorporate rest into my routine more.

The plan I’m reading talks about finding rest, and day 1 talked about making rest your friend. During the week, reflect over the past few days. Did you include rest during those times?

I took time to think and write down how each day has been this week. Everyday was the same, I was scattered, my mind was all over the place, I wasn’t focused on work like I should have been, little things kept bothering throughout the day. And when I was feeling tired, I fought the feeling instead of taking that time to rest.

My sleep pattern was decent for three days out the week, I only worked out for one day this week, and my eating patterns…I’m not going into depth with that. But, I can say that these past days were…blah. Other than working on school and the blog, I think I’m feeling the affect everyone felt when they started working from home, when the days feel like they’re meshing together.

I think I’ll take some time to practice resting this weekend, and create a new schedule to make it effective. I can’t keep having days or weeks like this. And rest is important, so I need to prioritize it into my life. That’s one of the reasons why my health level isn’t where it should be, because I’m not getting enough rest.

Starting tonight, I’m going to get more rest. 😴😴😴😴😴. Here are the scriptures from the reading: Gen. 2-3 & Matt. 11: 28-30:

By the seventh day God completed His work which He had done, and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had done. Then God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it, because in it He rested from all His work which God had created and made.
Genesis 2:2‭-‬3 NASB

“Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls . For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”
Matthew 11:28‭-‬30 NASB

Well, it’s late and it’s time for me to hit the sack. Hope you all are staying safe and taking care of yourselves during these times. I’ll check in with you tomorrow.

Until next time…



Good morning

So last night… was a night of tears.

I don’t know where it came from, but I was sitting on my couch, and I started sobbing. Luckily, Dad wasn’t here to witness the ugly face of snotty nose, tears flowing down my face, chick-flick ugly crying. But yes, I had another moment of uncontrollable sobbing.

As the tears continued, I climbed in my bed, and thought to myself “Why the hell am I crying for?” Then the thoughts flooded my mind. Is it because of my health, is it because of my shopping addiction, is it because I have so many goals and I feel stuck because nothing is happening yet? GOD, WHY AM I FEELING THIS WAY???

Then, I finished, and whispered “Thank you Lord for listening to me.” I guess when we cry, even if we don’t saying anything, we’re still able to communicate to God. Even though I was crying like a crybaby, and the same negative thoughts were reoccurring in my mind, I smiled because I knew that I wasn’t alone and that He was listening to me.

But, this also made realize that I need to work on praying. When it comes to Quiet Time, I’ve improved on starting off the meditation in prayer, but for the rest of the week, month, even throughout the year, I forget to continue praying. I guess that’s why those negative thoughts keep coming back, because I don’t take time to pray to God every day, and every night. Like it says in Psalm 1:2:

“But his delight is in the law of the LORD, And in His law he meditates day and night.”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭1:2‬ ‭NASB‬‬

Even though I’m reading the Word, there’s still so much more to living a Godly life than just reading His Word. It’s about praying, it’s about seeking guidance and wisdom in your life, it’s about helping others, it’s about changing your old ways and your old mindset, and embracing new ways and a new mindset. I’ll be honest, I’ve been talking the talk, but I haven’t been walking the walk.

In order for me to help others, especially you all, my readers, I need to talk the talk AND walk the walk. I can’t do that if my faith level is at 50 % (to me, that’s like “it’s ok, but it can be better). So, I know I created the series “Road to 200,” but if it’s alright with you all, I’d like to change the name of the series to “The Journey” because I want to take you all on a journey with me, not just focusing on my overall health, but on my journey with my personal growth, and spiritual growth. I know I already blogged about these things, but I feel like they’re in their own individual categories, when the end result is that I’m on a journey with each one.

So, if you been on this journey with me for this long, I hope you stay with me on this journey until the end of 2020, and for many more years to come.

Well, today is Thursday, let’s see what the day bring us!

Until next time…



Good evening

So, we are now in September.

Before I continue, just wanted to share the verse from InTouch this morning, Joshua 1: 9.

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”
Joshua 1:9 NASB

I can’t believe it; we only have four months left of 2020!

Even though we’ve been going through a global pandemic, this year has been going by fast.

Let me give you all an update on this past week.

HEALTH– Road to 200 was a little rocky since I started off after having my “monthly gift.” But I’m learning what foods give me energy, I’m improving my night routine for better and longer sleep, still taking my medication, and starting this week, I’ll take more vitamins for my health. Also, I realized that I need to do this for me again. Dad been slacking too, so we’re in this together, but it’s like a domino effect. If I’m working out with someone, and they’re not motivated, then I’m not motivated. So, time for me to take my own advice, and pump myself up on this weight-loss journey. 

SCHOOL– Visual Communications is ending soon, and for my final project, I need to create a PowerPoint, a written segment, and a video segment. Luckily, I’m getting better at my filming skills. I’m a little more comfortable being in front of the camera recording myself, whether someone is looking at me or not. My next passion project. Currently, working on so be on the lookout for something special coming your way soon. Hope you all like it!

PASSION PROJECTS– The blog is going GREAT, I’m back to brainstorming, creating content, and sharing with you all. Also, getting back into my sketching, still a little rusty, but I created an account on DeviantArt. Once I have some completed pieces, I’ll upload them on there to share with the world. I’m also writing more, so my other project will be something to look forward to as well. I’m ending 2020 on a positive note.

SPIRITUAL JOURNEY– The Bible and Christian Influencers have been speaking to me all this week about creating/establishing a foundation with the Lord. This morning, I watch InTouch and today’s message talked about a formula for Courage. In order for me to live a prosperous life, I need to have the courage to put all my trust, faith, and my life into God. By doing this, He’ll reveal to me the path I need to go on, and if it is the right path for me. If it is His will, then His Will be done. I’ve been battling with my faith constantly during this time of uncertainty. In order for me to stay sane and have peace in my life, I need to get my faith up, and put my trust in God 100%.

This week has been another week of learning for me. Time for me to start talking to God about what my intentions should be for the week. I’m God’s Child, and I need to start acting like it.

Until next time…



Good morning

Woke up this morning and had my session with my therapist. Overall, I’m still growing and good news, we’re lowering the doses of my medicine so that’s motivated me to keep up with working out more, and living a healthier lifestyle.

Another thing that motivated me to do my best is reading blogs that inspire me. After my phone session, I came across a post from the lovely Olivia from olivialucieblake.com.

To read today’s post, just click here.

I had a great session today. I mentioned to my doctor how working from home was new for me. But it did cause me to become too comfortable, which led to my weight gain. But, now that I have a better routine, I’ll be back on track in no time.

I think I made some breakthrough when it came to my medicine. After our session, she mentioned that she would start to lower the dosage. That’s great for me because I wanted to make that a goal, of not relying on my medicine and manage my mental health naturally.

Don’t worry, it’s a small dosage change, so it will take time for me to be completely off the medication. I think I made progress, just need to keep working at it. I still have a long road ahead of me.

Well, check back you all later!

Until next time…


ROAD TO 200- WEEK 01

Good afternoon

I’m here with an update on how the first week went for “Road to 200.”

UPDATE: Week 01 complete!!!


To start, I took time to sit down and write down my plan. I had a plan in the past, but it got ruined and I forgot to rewrite it. If I don’t see what my game plan is for workouts, I fall off track. So that was my mistake before, but not anymore. Also, starting this week, I’ll keep a food diary, something that I did when I was younger, but I never took it seriously. And, I’m still increasing my water intake, however, the week before was multiple consumptions of Pepsi, Coffee, and Tea. Very little water, so I’m working on that as well.

It was fun our first day of jumping rope. I recorded myself and Dad, but due to some technical difficulties, I couldn’t post it. There will be a video next time, so be on the lookout for that. My Fitbit showed me that jumping rope is great for fat burn, so I’m definitely keeping jump-rope in my new routine.

One of the things I forget to do is stretch. I didn’t realize how important it is to stretch until Friday. I probably stretched five different times, which meant that I need to do more stretching than what I’ve been doing. I found a YouTube channel for yoga. “Yoga with Adrienne,” seems simple to follow thanks to the different playlists. I’ll start slow with the one for beginners since it’s been maybe ten years since I took a yoga class in college.

I had a small moment the previous week, where I was beating myself for not doing anything. Today, I decided to create this little “Reminder” of how hard I’m working on trying to create a better version of myself. I hope this reminder encourages you too on your journey. This is one of the tips I used to do when I needed help getting started on something. I created my own reminders, and set an alarm for them to go off.

I did this with affirmations, and it was a great way for me to feel more positive, productive and start my day off on the right foot. This is what I’ve learned from Week 01:

  • You accomplished a BIG leap by just getting started
  • Jumping rope can reduce belly fat- may increase from 3x’s to 4x’s a week with Dad- CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!!
  • It’s ok to start slow, and work yourself up to bigger goals
  • Keep a food diary- helps you keep track of not only food, but how the food affects your body, drinks too

At that’s the recap of Week 01, I think I’m going to go this route for updates and information. I hope this helps you all and you can get started on your journey too.

Well, time for me to relax before I tackle homework.

The life of a college student… oh well!

Until next time…