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Good morning

So for the year 2020, one of my goals was to read more books.

I decided to do a reading challenge for the month of September. Since I’ve been reading yoga and learning about finding balance in my life, the first book I’m reading is “Eat. Pray. Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert. Yes, I know they came out with the movie, so some people are like Gabby, you can just watch it on Netflix can’t you?

I can, but my goal for 2020 is to get back into the healthy habit of reading physical books. Most of my year has been spent behind multiple screens. After work, I take an hour break, but it’s consumed by the screen of my iPad playing games, or my television watching Netflix. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy streaming, but I’m learning that I need to feed my brain good things. For me, that means less screen time, and more creativity time.

Now another question you may want to ask is Gabby, are you going to read the book for the month or are you going to add more books until September is over? The answer at the moment, is I want to add more books for September, but I’m a slow reader so that may change. And If I only read one book for the month of September, then that’s ok. I’ll make that a goal to read and finish one book for one month until I’m able to read more than one book.

We have four months left of 2020 (I say four because we’re just getting started with September so I don’t want to confuse anyone). I have four months to improve on creating good habits, healthy habits that are going to stick with me throughout the years.

Well, hope everyone is off to a great start on this Labor Day! Enjoy, relax, sit back, and be in the moment.

Until next time…



Good morning

Woke up this morning and had my session with my therapist. Overall, I’m still growing and good news, we’re lowering the doses of my medicine so that’s motivated me to keep up with working out more, and living a healthier lifestyle.

Another thing that motivated me to do my best is reading blogs that inspire me. After my phone session, I came across a post from the lovely Olivia from olivialucieblake.com.

To read today’s post, just click here.

I had a great session today. I mentioned to my doctor how working from home was new for me. But it did cause me to become too comfortable, which led to my weight gain. But, now that I have a better routine, I’ll be back on track in no time.

I think I made some breakthrough when it came to my medicine. After our session, she mentioned that she would start to lower the dosage. That’s great for me because I wanted to make that a goal, of not relying on my medicine and manage my mental health naturally.

Don’t worry, it’s a small dosage change, so it will take time for me to be completely off the medication. I think I made progress, just need to keep working at it. I still have a long road ahead of me.

Well, check back you all later!

Until next time…



Good evening

What can I say?

Things have been….hectic.

But, I’m hanging in there, and all with a smile. August has been a month of many things. The start of the month was important because August 4th was voting day. With everything going on in the world, it’s important for us to get out there and vote. Then, I started the month with my journey of “Road to 200.” I’ve completed a total of 13 days working out for the month of August.

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Been spending my time learning how to make videos in this new class. I’m getting better at looking into the camera and just saying things that come to mind. Starting Tuesday, I’ll officially be in Week 04 of this class. This journey is going by so fast. But, it’s been a rollercoaster ride of pure excitement.

Dad watched me on my laptop, and asked what I was doing. I told him I was working on content for my blog. When I talk about my blog with family and friends, everyone is happy, supportive and excited.

So, August was a month of… changes??? Yes, I think that’s the word of the month. August was the month of changes.

Thank you August for the changes!

Until next time…