Good evening 🌙 We are now in February. So let me just give you an update on how January went for me: January 01- 07: New Year's and My Birthday Week. Unfortunately, I got sick with my seasonal allergies for that entire week, so I spent it on the couch. 😷🤧🤒😴 January 08- 14: Came… Continue reading 02|01|20


Good evening 🌙 So, classes have OFFICIALLY started as of yesterday. The good news, I knocked out one of my assignments last week before class even started. The bad news, still slowly figuring out a study plan to make things go smoothly. But so far, things haven't been too bad for me. But, I took… Continue reading 01.15.20


Good evening 🌙 It's been a little bit of a struggle getting back in the groove of things since coming back from vacation. Today was even more hectic than yesterday. I have a project I've been working on since the week BEFORE Christmas, and let's just say, they wanted it done today...TODAY! Unfortunately, it didn't… Continue reading 01.08.20


Good evening 🌙 I'm back and ready to learn, recharge, and gyst 😊 I am glad to announce that I am 💯 from this past week. After spending days in my living room, on the couch, drinking tea, orange juice, and taking multiple medicine and vitamins, I was able to get back on the grind… Continue reading 01.07.20

2019 so far…

Well goodbye to June and hello to July. We are now 6 months into the year of 2019. Here are my reflections of the past couple months, what I've learned, goals to achieve, and dreams to turn into reality: January to March- Kicked off the year spending a few days at my Aunt's house and… Continue reading 2019 so far…