Good evening 🌙 We are now in February. So let me just give you an update on how January went for me: January 01- 07: New Year's and My Birthday Week. Unfortunately, I got sick with my seasonal allergies for that entire week, so I spent it on the couch. 😷🤧🤒😴 January 08- 14: Came… Continue reading 02|01|20


Good evening 🌙 So, classes have OFFICIALLY started as of yesterday. The good news, I knocked out one of my assignments last week before class even started. The bad news, still slowly figuring out a study plan to make things go smoothly. But so far, things haven't been too bad for me. But, I took… Continue reading 01.15.20


Good morning 🌞 So, tomorrow, I will be starting my first course of the year. The funny thing is...I've already gotten a head start Friday. Once I logged into my student portal, I became anxious when I found some of my announcements were sent out on January 8th! 😌😳😵😫. So, for majority of Friday night,… Continue reading 01.13.20


Good evening 🌙 Today was...HECTIC!!! The good news...I got into work early enough to pick up where I left off on my project. Even better news...I finished it before leaving for the day. Came home and went to get groceries with Mom, and then came home to warm up some this yummy chicken dish she… Continue reading 01.09.20


Good evening 🌙 It's been a little bit of a struggle getting back in the groove of things since coming back from vacation. Today was even more hectic than yesterday. I have a project I've been working on since the week BEFORE Christmas, and let's just say, they wanted it done today...TODAY! Unfortunately, it didn't… Continue reading 01.08.20


Good evening 🌙 I'm back and ready to learn, recharge, and gyst 😊 I am glad to announce that I am 💯 from this past week. After spending days in my living room, on the couch, drinking tea, orange juice, and taking multiple medicine and vitamins, I was able to get back on the grind… Continue reading 01.07.20


Good evening 🌙 Just finished getting a visit from my best friend as a belated birthday gift. She stayed and we talked what felt like hours, but was really a few minutes. It was just the thing I needed to end a Friday night, and recovering from being sick. So I'm currently at 95% better… Continue reading 01.03.20