Hey everyone!

So, project “Decluttering my Life” has been a success!

Still finishing up my bedroom, I creating a minimalist wardrobe for myself. During this time of quarantine, I’ve realized that I’ve only worn simple staples for work, exercise, and lounging, and it includes the following:

• Flowy Shirts
• Leggings
• Sweats
• Comfy Tees
• Flowy Pants

Honestly, my wardrobe for these past few months couldn’t be anymore simplified than that. I love it, I don’t stress over trying to find an outfit to wear for work anymore. But, I looked at the four totes that held my summer, winter, and hoodies. Shaking my head, I mumbled (and forgive my language) “I’m not going to wear even half of this shit, I have too many damn clothes!” This is a visual of my stress level over something that every girl loves.

Also, this shows you ladies that I’m more of a vagabond than a girly girl. I prefer comfort over style, my current wardrobe has some color, but mostly earth tones and neutrals. The positive to all this, as I was going through each item, I wasn’t second guessing, or asking myself the same question three times, if I knew I wasn’t going to wear again next year, three years, or even five years down the line, I tossed it in the donation pile. Don’t worry, the clothes that I’ve worn until there were mystery stains and holes that I didn’t notice were there, those were automatically tossed in trash.

Also, yesterday morning, while listening to Faith Church, the pastor was talking about how in today’s society, people are busy trying to buy the latest thing, or instead of tithing, we’re buying things and saving up on material things. He quoted Matt. 6:19:

“Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal.”

From 2018 until now, I don’t know how many times I’ve purchased things from Amazon, Vera Bradley, and other stores, both online and in public, using my credit card. Earlier this past week, I downloaded the free app, Mint to help me understand how finances work and to keep track of my finances. A section of the app checks your credit score. Long story short, my credit is fair, but the way that I’m using my card is what is hurting my credit score. I didn’t know there was so much to learning about finances than just saving money. I’m still a baby when it comes to adulting, but that’s ok. This weekend, has helped me understand that I can turn things around now. I can turn all of this over to God through prayer, and I just need to sit back and do my part and pay attention to Him.

School is going great, my current class ends today. I need to finish my final project with Dad, and turn in my paper tonight. So today will be another hectic day for homework. I start my new class tomorrow, Scientific and Technical Writing. I’m a little nervous, but I’m still excited. This previous class has taught me so much, so I hope if any of my peers and my instructor are reading this, I want to say again, thank you!

My health is improving, both my blood pressure and blood sugar levels and improving. Last week, I did slack with working out. This week, is game time. Unfortunately, it will be wet, cold, and gloomy for the next few days, but if it doesn’t rain when I get off work, I’ll get out there and get my workout in. I have make up for missing six days. Food wise, I’m still doing well. Dad cooked some grilled chicken with broccoli and rice yesterday. It was very good, so we’ll both be cooking in the kitchen from here on now. He also mentioned that he wanted me to go to the gym with him. I giggled because I messed with him, saying that I’ve been starting my part since September the 24th.

Mentally, I’m doing much better. This past weekend, thanks to the family, it’s like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulder. I felt frustrated because I know I needed to clean, organize, and get things in order. But because I was working from home, taking classes online, and started my health kick again, I lost track of taking care of my home. So, I’ve written out in my schedule to make sure to keep rooms clean, if I use something, I remember to put things back (just have to remind Dad to do the same). But, mentally, I feel better. I’m doing ok, I’m going to be ok.

Ok, you all. I have some workouts and homework to do. I’ll check in with you all tomorrow for another blog post. Happy reading and stay motivated!

Until next time…



Good evening.

Hope everyone had a peaceful weekend, and are still enjoying this lovely Sunday.

I’m back in the comfort of my apartment, after spending the weekend with Mom and my niece, Haley.

It was fun, hanging out with the girls when I can, but I didn’t get anything done for school this weekend. Tomorrow will definitely be a hectic study session after I get off of work.

At least I got responses from both Mom and Dad to help me with my final project. But I don’t even have my outline finished for my paper. Crunch time!!!! But it felt good hanging out with Mom and Haley during my breaks. Tomorrow, I’ll get as much done for work as I can so I can get off and spend the rest of my day working on school and my other projects.

One of them, I took suggestions from my classmates in my previous courses. I can’t wait for you all to see it! Health has been ok, I didn’t do any workouts Friday, yesterday, or today. So Monday, I’ll try some new routines that can help me get my day started.

Well, time for me to plan my day out tomorrow so I can get things done. I’ll keep you posted.

Until next time…



Good morning.

What day is it. It’s Hump day, and in today’s post, I thought I share with you all how I study the Bible.

Here is a list of things I use during my Quiet Times:
• My Bible
• The YouVersion Bible App
• InTouch Ministries App
• Faith Church App
• A notebook
• Pens- Black, blue, and red
• A Devotional

Once I have everything I need, I close my door to my bedroom, and start my Quiet Time.

OPENING PRAYER: The first step I’ve been practicing is starting with prayer, asking God to help me understand the reading. Sometimes, I’ll just sit in quiet a few minutes longer because my mind may try to wonder, and at times, other things will come up.

YOUVERSION APP: Next, I’ll open the Bible app. The app starts off with a story section. You open it, and it talks about the topic for the day, the verse, and you’ll have a speaker go in depth on how the passage ties in with the topic. Then, they find a devotional that ties in with the topic as well. During this time, I’ll read and re-read the scripture, and I’ll listen to everything again to get better understanding. I’ll go through everything one last time to take notes in my notebook.

NOTE-TAKING: In my notebook, everything is simple. Black is for basic wording, blue is for positive words and messages, and red is for warnings and anything about the Devil. I’llgo on Pinterest and see there are so many different color codes for Bible studying, but since I’m just getting back into a routine, I’ll create a system that works for me overtime.

JOURNALING: After I’ve read and taken my notes, I’ll journal on my Journey app how the Quiet Time went, and how it made me feel. Other times, I’ll just sit in silence while I’ll listen to my praise music. Lately, I’ll go on InTouch Ministries or Faith Church and watch a sermon before going about my day.

If you don’t know what to use during your Quiet Time, just start simple with your Bible a Devotional, and a journal. That’s how my spiritual walk started, I’ve always kept a notebook every time I had Bible study or went to church and listened to a sermon.
I hope today’s post helped you get started with your Bible Study. Let me know how you spend your Quiet Time. Do you follow a plan, read a devotional, or do you just read and listen to what God is telling you? All of these are fine, as long as your spending this time with God.

I’ll check in with you all later.

Until next time…


Good evening

I’m ending the night with another weekly update. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, I know I did.

HEALTH: As you all know, my latest visit to the doctor was a major wake-up call. In case you missed it, here is my post about my visit, just click here. I finally told both Mom and Dad about what really happened. They’re both on board at making sure I’m top of my health this go round. I pulled out my health binder when I started my Diabetic Class back in 2018, to use as a guideline for improving my health for the remainder of 2020.

SCHOOL: ONLY 7 MONTHS!!! I love my new class, our instructor gives us questions that really cause us to do some critical thinking. On my last discussion posts, he encouraged me to continue writing the way I’ve been doing. I guess writing really is in my future. I’m doing something right.

PERSONAL GROWTH: So, good news I started reading this month. The bad news, I haven’t finished the book. I’ve come to the conclusion that I am a very slow reader. So my goal of 25 pages a day, I’m still going to keep and work at it, even if it means I finish only one book for the whole month. Also, I downloaded the Fabulous app, and have started practicing small habits. It works, I bought a stainless steel water bottle and have been drinking water in the mornings for the past few days now. Then, due to my health, I went grocery shopping for all healthy items and I’m practicing meal prep and healthy snacking this week. So be on the lookout for some posts about that.

SPIRITUAL GROWTH: I’ve been having Quiet Time in the mornings, but after listening to the reading on Thursday, and listening to InTouch Ministries and Faith Church, God has been speaking to me to change my life around. We had outside service at church today, and even though we couldn’t be in contact with one another, it was powerful to see everyone show up in their cars, and still be able to participate. I’ll have to share the experience with you the next time we do it.

MENTAL: Overall, these past few days have been calm. I had severe headaches this weekend due to my “Monthly Gift” so my original plans for working on my Passion Projects, were replaced with much needed rest. I can’t believe how fast September went by. We only have a few days left, and I’m looking forward to October.

No change in the leaves yet, but it’s coming. Well, time for me to get some rest and call it a night. I’ll see y’all in the morning.

Until next time…



Good morning

So I thought I would talk about what I learned listening to this morning’s story on the Bible app. The scripture comes from 2 Timothy 2:15.

Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth.
2 Timothy 2:15 NASB

The reading talked about how we should present ourselves to God. It also talked about how we should practice to work in excellence in everything that we do. But the most important thing I took away from the reading, for me, was the reminder that I must be a student before I become a teacher.

During my time blogging, I have enlightened you all with my morning Quiet Time posts. I don’t have a problem sharing my Bible Study insight with you all. It is a problem when I second guess myself on what I got out of the lesson and if I shared with you the right information. Yes, I have scripture to back up my findings, but if I don’t have faith in what I’m telling my audience, then what does that say about me?

Again, I’m still learning so I hope you all don’t mind a small change starting today that I will be posting my Quiet Time entries in the evening. I think it’s better not only because of my schedule, but it gives me the much needed time I need to spend with God, and really take the time to read and understand the scripture, as well as practice memorizing scripture and meditating on the Word and prayer daily.

Sorry for making this sound so dramatic. But I said I share nothing but my honest truth on this blog. So before I can teach you all about the Word and the meaning behind it, I still need to learn and study the Word for myself. I hope that’s ok with you.
Hope everyone enjoyed today’s reading. I’ll check in with you all later on.

Until next time…


Good morning.

It is now Tuesday, and I’m back with another morning Quiet Time for you all. Today’s reading comes from the Verse of the Day, which is Mark 11: 24.

Therefore I say to you, all things for which you pray and ask, believe that you have received them, and they will be granted you.
Mark 11:24 NASB

THE READING: Today’s lesson talks about persistent prayer and pray by faith. The lesson starts off by saying the things that God wants to do for us. The first thing is that He wants to fulfill our desires. We pray over the different areas of our life that we want to grow and flourish in. But the other thing that God wants for us is for us to lean on Him, and build a relationship with Him. Today’s lesson really hit home for me because this is an area in my faith walk that I’m still improving on, and that is prayer. I have moments where I do pray every day, and then I fall off track. I forget to come back to my prayer journal or just say a prayer before I go to sleep.

The lesson continues on to say that Christ promised us that we will receive whatever we ask for in prayer, as long as we believe. Our faith is the only condition to our prayer. We should never base our prayers on the circumstances around us, but that we need to base them on the power and character of God. The scripture tells us that we should “walk by faith, not by sight” (2 Cor. 5:7). When praying for difficult situations, we should not be discouraged by what we see. The answer may take longer than we expect.

REFLECTION: For me, I think this is where my anxiety kicks in at times, because I’ll pray for something that I want to happen in my life, only to see the negative results. A great example of this was when I was playing the comparison game with my blog. After I finished writing a post, I went straight over to my stats section, only to find that I had 1 or 2 visitors since the post went up. After checking throughout the day, I only got a small number of views. Now, I just write my blog posts because I enjoy writing, and I enjoy helping my audience. Most times, I write my posts because I enjoy writing. I think for me, not checking the stats and caring about them was my way of walking by faith, not by sight. I prayed to God about my blog a while back, and now, I’m going to do my part and just write.

CONCLUSION: The reading goes on to say that we need to persevere in prayer. Jesus says to pray persistently, day and night. By doing this, God will answer us as long as we do not lose faith. We can pray about anything that is consistent with the character and will of God. If we pray due to our selfish ambitions, then that contradicts God’s character. When praying, we need to surrender our will to God.

And there you have it, another morning Quiet Time to go with your cup of coffee or tea. I hope you all enjoyed today’s post. Let me know how these Quiet Time posts are working out for you. If you have any ideas, feel free to share them with me in the comments down below. I’ll return to check in with you all later.

Until next time…


Good morning

We’re back in the groove of another work week. What better way to kick it off than with a bit of encouragement from my AM Quiet Time. Today’s lesson talks about the power of God’s Love. The scripture and the Verse of the Day comes from 1 John 4:18.

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves punishment, and the one who fears is not perfected in love.
1 John 4:18 NASB

GOD’S LOVE: The lesson begins by comparing God’s love to fear and pain, and that it is bigger than the two. When encountering God’s love, we become more aware of His desire to be with us and that He pours out His love on us. Also, God’s love melts away our fears and insecurities. The presence of God is important to have in our lives and our desire will be to abide with God and have His love and presence abide with us. The lesson continues with John, and his confidence in the Love of God. He had so much confidence that deep down, he knew God loved him personally and wanted to be with Him.

AVAILABLE & AWARE: When we stop saying that we’re too busy to make time for God, the more confident we become in who God is, the more intentional we become with spending time with Him and listening to His voice. If we make ourselves more available and aware of His presence, the more secure we become in who we are and there’s nothing more or less we can do to attain or separate us from the Love of God. This part resonated with me because I used to always tell myself that I need to make Quiet Time a priority again, only to look up and it was pushed on the back-burner or I would have Quiet Time, only to rush through it and not gain any insight out of it. If I just wake up, and pick up my Bible in the morning, then I’m not feeling worried or anxious about things, I’m not being passive on things that can affect my life.

FEAR: Fear is one of the greatest hindrances to a relationship with God. Fear of not being worthy of love, not measuring up, fear of punishment, and fear of being exposed, all of these insecurities keep us from being who we are truly meant to be. This really stood out to me because this goes back to me working on my passion projects. I have great ideas and goals in life to help individuals with mental health. I’m taking a leap with this blog, but at first I was scared of not being the best blogger, scared that I wasn’t going to turn it into a career, scared that I was going to fail miserably at it. Once I got started, and started praying over it, those fears went away. I still remind myself to not play the comparison game, but I’m proud that I didn’t let my fear take over or else I wouldn’t have met so many new people through this blog.

CONCLUSION: If you let fear consume you, then you’ll never know how great you can truly be in this world. Let God help you overcome your fears and insecurities and allow His love and presence to enter into your life so that you can be something great, so that you can be the light that He wants you to be. Well, hope you all are inspired and motivated to get your work week started on this lovely Monday. I’ll check in with you all later on.

Until next time…



Good evening

So, after work was over, I was going to tackle the task of cleaning the apartment. Well, that did not happen. Instead, I took a day off. But, after reading my devotional for the evening, I think I need to incorporate rest into my routine more.

The plan I’m reading talks about finding rest, and day 1 talked about making rest your friend. During the week, reflect over the past few days. Did you include rest during those times?

I took time to think and write down how each day has been this week. Everyday was the same, I was scattered, my mind was all over the place, I wasn’t focused on work like I should have been, little things kept bothering throughout the day. And when I was feeling tired, I fought the feeling instead of taking that time to rest.

My sleep pattern was decent for three days out the week, I only worked out for one day this week, and my eating patterns…I’m not going into depth with that. But, I can say that these past days were…blah. Other than working on school and the blog, I think I’m feeling the affect everyone felt when they started working from home, when the days feel like they’re meshing together.

I think I’ll take some time to practice resting this weekend, and create a new schedule to make it effective. I can’t keep having days or weeks like this. And rest is important, so I need to prioritize it into my life. That’s one of the reasons why my health level isn’t where it should be, because I’m not getting enough rest.

Starting tonight, I’m going to get more rest. 😴😴😴😴😴. Here are the scriptures from the reading: Gen. 2-3 & Matt. 11: 28-30:

By the seventh day God completed His work which He had done, and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had done. Then God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it, because in it He rested from all His work which God had created and made.
Genesis 2:2‭-‬3 NASB

“Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls . For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”
Matthew 11:28‭-‬30 NASB

Well, it’s late and it’s time for me to hit the sack. Hope you all are staying safe and taking care of yourselves during these times. I’ll check in with you tomorrow.

Until next time…



Good morning

I’m back with another quiet time post for you all! So sit back, open up your Bibles or your Bible app if you have it, and let’s get into it this morning. Today’s sermon focuses on the topic of prioritizing God’s love. The scriptures to read are:

  • 1 Cor. 13: 1- the Verse of the Day
  • Matt. 22: 40
  • 1 Cor. 12-14
  • 1 John 4:8

If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but do not have love, I have become a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal.
1 Corinthians 13:1 NASB

THE READING: The lesson starts off saying that Jesus says that love for God and your neighbor are the most important commandments on them the Law and Prophet depend. In 1 Corinthians 13, the love described is based on the love of our Creator Himself, which is NEVER anything other than perfect. Then, the sermon goes on to say that God’s love is ALWAYS kind, patient, truthful, and so on, and that it demonstrates these characteristics flawlessly. Our attempts to love in this manner never measure up. We do not make love the priority it should be. We often ignore Love and use our gifts destructively in the body of Christ, and that jealousy consumes us and we continually put ourselves ahead of others.

MY FINDINGS & UNDERSTANDING: This part stuck out to me because I’m that person who is kind-hearted, and if I see that you are good and have good intentions, I can call you my friend. When I was younger, that was the case for everyone I came across with in high school. Senior year, I realized the harsh reality that everyone is not meant to be your friend. I was bullied, and constantly taken advantage of, and was soft-spoken because I kept this belief ever since I was little. My parents tried to protect me from certain kids that they saw take advantage of me by reminding me that there are friends for a reason and there are friends for a season. Now, I have a small circle of friends because I’ve been hurt so much throughout my childhood, even early adulthood, my past relationship got to a point where I felt like I was putting in all the effort and getting nothing back in return. All these events led me to develop trust issues, I now sit back and watch peoples’ actions and determine from there if they are good people to be around.

We have moments where there are interesting people that cause us to look at them a little sideways. Did I say that right? It’s the truth, whether it’s work, school, even that one family member that you can’t stand or you have to keep an eye on them when they come over. Other times, we become jealous when we see others doing better than we’re doing. I’ll admit, that’s how I get caught up in the comparison game, because I get a little green with envy when I see someone moving further up the ladder in life than me. But, I have to stop and think, why am I acting this way? I’m a Christian, we’re not supposed to think or act this way. But it all goes back to being human and having humility. Ok, seriously, did I say that part right? If not, please let me know.

CONCLUSION: To sum everything up, if we do not make love a top priority in our lives, then we’re not acting like Christians. That’s something I definitely need to work on and include in my Godly goals for living a Godly life.

I hope you all enjoyed this morning’s quiet time with me. I’m trying my best to learn more about God, and reading the Word, and I hope I’m inspiring you all to do the same. I’m still learning so it’s important for you to do the reading on your own, you may get different insight on the readings than I did. If so, please feel free to share those findings with me and with other readers so that they can be inspired too.

Until next time…



Good morning

I hope everyone enjoyed or are still enjoying their labor-day weekend (if you have more days off than Monday). What better way to kick off this week than with a Quiet Time post from me. Today’s lesson talks about being still, keeping the vision, and relearning how to listen. The readings for the lesson comes from the following:

  • Exodus 14:14
  • Habakkuk 2: 1-3
  • Isaiah 50: 4-9

Let’s begin with this morning’s story. The reading can be found in Exodus 14:14

The Lord will fight for you while you keep silent.”
Exodus 14:14 NASB

To start, the reading shows us Moses leading the Israelites to freedom. Pharaoh and his army are in pursuit. The people of Israel at this point are terrified, confused, and anxious because so many thoughts are going through minds, from being put back into slavery to dying out in the wilderness. But Moses assures them that everything is going to be ok.

It made me think about what I’ve been going through the past two weeks. I’ve been battling with a shopping addiction that I can’t seem to kick for the past 3 years now, but it’s kicking my butt in my finances. I eat healthy, but when my groceries dwindle in my fridge, and there’s nothing left to cook, I retreat to UberEats for breakfast, lunch, and dinner until my next paycheck comes in. Also, when I work out with others, I’m motivated to keep going, but when one person falls off the bandwagon, I fall off as well. Finally, I’m working hard on turning my passions into my dream career, but I have moments when I ask myself am I meant to do this, why am I even doing this, or is it even worth it?

After reflecting over these past two weeks, and going through the lesson, I learned that I need to be still. It seems whenever I have these moments in my life, God is constantly reminding me to be still and that He is fighting my battles for me. God reminds me to be still, however I’m too hard-headed to listen. Yesterday, after I stressed over my assignment for Week 04, I used the rest of my day to rewire my thinking. I woke up today feeling well-rested, not tired, and ready to start my day not worrying about anything. So, if I continue to practice being still, I’m reminded that God is fighting my battles for me, taking the burden off of my shoulders so that I can have less stress and more peace.

The next readings come from the Bible plan, “7 Habits to Develop Spiritual Growth.” The first reading is found in Habakkuk 2:1-3.

I will stand on my guard post And station myself on the rampart; And I will keep watch to see what He will speak to me, And how I may reply when I am reproved. Then the Lord answered me and said, “Record the vision And inscribe it on tablets, That the one who reads it may run. For the vision is yet for the appointed time; It hastens toward the goal and it will not fail. Though it tarries, wait for it; For it will certainly come, it will not delay.
Habakkuk 2:1‭-‬3 NASB

In Day 1, it talks about keeping the vision. It goes in depth about how we make resolutions, and that making resolutions are good, but persevering in them are better. Habits are powerful and create a model that determines how we’re going to live our lives. Developing good habits gives you the means to keep good resolutions. For me, in the past, I’ve created good resolutions, which is why I want to develop good habits. The problem is that I have trouble sticking with these good habits.

When I read verse 2 of the scripture, I created a note on my phone of the good resolutions and good habits to stick with for the rest of this year going into next year. Then, I created an alarm to remind to look at those goals everyday so that I know what I’m working towards. It was like God’s way of helping me answer my own question. The next step was for me to take it to Him so that He can help me pursue these things that are good. Whenever things get hectic in my life, I forget to pray over these things in order for them to become reality. So the first habit to develop spiritual growth is to keep the vision before your eyes by writing down your resolutions and refer to them regularly.

The next readings come from Isaiah 50: 4-9.

The Lord God has given Me the tongue of disciples, That I may know how to sustain the weary one with a word. He awakens Me morning by morning, He awakens My ear to listen as a disciple. The Lord G od has opened My ear; And I was not disobedient Nor did I turn back. I gave My back to those who strike Me, And My cheeks to those who pluck out the beard; I did not cover My face from humiliation and spitting. For the Lord God helps Me, Therefore, I am not disgraced; Therefore, I have set My face like flint, And I know that I will not be ashamed. He who vindicates Me is near; Who will contend with Me? Let us stand up to each other; Who has a case against Me? Let him draw near to Me. Behold, the Lord God helps Me; Who is he who condemns Me? Behold, they will all wear out like a garment; The moth will eat them.
Isaiah 50:4‭-‬9 NASB

In Day 2 of the plan, it talks about how we let ourselves get swept up by the everyday things BEFORE taking time out to know God. If this settles over time, the feeling of “Losing our first love” can happen. I don’t know about you guys, but I can relate to this so well. I write things down in my planner, and having Quiet Time is at the top of my list. As the day goes on, and I do the other million and one things, I let that time slip through my fingers. I keep saying I’ll do it tomorrow, but tomorrow comes every time, and I never do it. I struggled with this for a while most of last year, and part of this year too. There were times God got my attention through me getting sick to tell me that we needed to spend more time together.

Any relationship we’re in, in order for it to grow, we have to take care of it. We have to look after it every day, prioritize it. The first notification to pay attention to is from the Lord.

So, the second habit is to dedicate the first 10 minutes of your day to God. When you start with 10, it will increase to 20 minutes, then 30 minutes, and then an hour. The more time you spend with God, the closer you’ll feel drawn to Him.

Well, another inspiring morning Quiet Time in the books for you all. I’ll check in later. Remember to be still and let God fight for you, keep your vision, and let Him be the first notification you get in the morning.

Until next time…



Good morning

It is now Wednesday, and I thought it would be a good idea to share with you all a bit of encouragement this morning. Here are the readings for today:

  • Eph. 6:10
  • 2 Corinthians 1: 3-8
  • James 1: 2-4

Let’s start with “Strong is Not Wrong”:

The scripture for this lesson comes from the Verse of the Day, Ephesians 6:10:

“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might.
Ephesians 6:10 NASB

For this reading, I learned that when we feel weak, we find our strength from God and that we need to remember to be humble. The lesson applies to Christian Women, but I feel like it applies to people that deal with mental health as well. You’re going to have moments, even days when you feel weak. But we need to remember to find our strength in God. It says in the Bible, that Christian Women are associated with weakness rather than strength, but the truth is that they were called to be meek, not weak. The same goes for people battling mental health, we live in a society where individuals with a mental illness are seen as weak, when really we were called to be meek, not weak.

Now, before I go further, let me clarify what the word meek means. In the reading, meek is defined as strength under control. The Bible says that Jesus and Moses were meek, not weak. The same goes for Esther, she was meek, not weak. The meek are the humble that understand their strength comes from God.

This life requires strength, as we live longer, life gets harder. Living Godly in a Godless culture requires more strength than anyone can muster on their own, but we’re not alone.

This stuck out to me because there were times when I felt alone and that no one could understand what I was going through. The more I read the Bible, and the more time I spent with God, I realized that I wasn’t alone, and also, I noticed that there were other individuals like me in the world, living with a mental illness.

Now, for Day 1 of “Restoration” by Lecrae:

“Restore Me”

The scriptures for this lesson are from 2 Cor. 1: 3-8 & James 1:2-4:

“Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.
James 1:2‭-‬4 NASB

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our affliction so that we will be able to comfort those who are in any affliction with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God. For just as the sufferings of Christ are ours in abundance, so also our comfort is abundant through Christ. But if we are afflicted, it is for your comfort and salvation; or if we are comforted, it is for your comfort, which is effective in the patient enduring of the same sufferings which we also suffer; and our hope for you is firmly grounded, knowing that as you are sharers of our sufferings, so also you are sharers of our comfort. For we do not want you to be unaware, brethren, of our affliction which came to us in Asia, that we were burdened excessively, beyond our strength, so that we despaired even of life
2 Corinthians 1:3‭-‬8 NASB

For this reading, I learned that God is not surprised by our trials and our pains. We live in a broken world, fueled by sin.

In the midst of the pain, God DOES NOT abandon us. God uses that pain to develop perseverance and make us mature believers. Pain and suffering are essential ingredients to growth and maturity in our faith.

Back in 2011, before I got saved, I was going through some things that I should have never gone through. Things that made me feel like I was worthless and that I was always going to be a screw-up. Now, I know that I don’t have to feel that way because God is always with me, and as long as I’m reminded of that, I will be ok. We need avoid boiling Christianity down to a suffering existence, but instead, we are encouraged to look to our suffering through the lens of faith. When we experience hardship and see the brokenness of our world’s systems, we are encouraged to consider it joy. As citizens of God’s Kingdom, these are reminders that our hope is beyond fulfillment, but our hope is in Christ.

Conclusion: God knows we’re not strong, so He makes us strong. Our Hope, is the hope made fully mature in us that has the power to change the world. We do not despair in hope.

I hope my Quiet Times are helping you through whatever struggles you’re facing. Let me know if you enjoy my Quiet Time posts, and I’ll continue to encourage you and give you some insight to start your day off on the right foot. I’ll check in with you all later on.

Until next time…



Good morning

Due to the storms this weekend, I didn’t sleep well last night either. While I’m processing my projects for work, I wanted to share what I learned during my Quiet Time earlier today. Here is the Verse of the Day:

For the mountains may be removed and the hills may shake, But My lovingkindness will not be removed from you, And My covenant of peace will not be shaken,” Says the Lord who has compassion on you.
Isaiah 54:10 NASB

If you guys have the Bible app, you notice they have these Storytime moments. Today’s storytime talked about God’s love being unshakeable. After reading this scripture and following the storytime, things started popping up in my mind. Here’s what I’ve been struggling with for a while on my spiritual journey:

  • I find myself going to food, toxic relationships, and material things during times of stress, anxiety, depression, and times of pure happiness and joy instead of turning to God for help
  • Feelings of frustration, being overwhelmed, and more stress causes me to either run away from my problems or wait until things get out of hand to deal with them
  • When I do pray, read the Word, and talk to God, I feel like I let Him down when I turn around and fall back into old habits
  • In the end, I beat myself up constantly for not doing what is right, and at times, forget that God loves me, through all my flaws, and that He wants me to run to Him and obey Him through everything that happens in my life

Overall, I’m learning that if I don’t have peace and try to find peace in God, there will be constant unrest in all aspects of my life. Today’s lesson for me: find peace in God, and He will give it to you if you surrender to Him. His love for you will never change. That’s how awesome God is.

Just some food for thought for you all. I hope you enjoy reading this post. I will be back with Day 6 of “Road to 200.” Have a great morning.

Until next time…