Good evening. I would normally have a post in the morning, but due to running errands with Mom, and all the excitement of our New President and Vice President, things have been a little hectic.  In the midst of running errands with Mom, we went to go visit Nana, and that made me think… Day… Continue reading FOR THE GRANDPARENTS


Good afternoon. I’m back with Day 03 of β€œ30 Days of Gratitude.” Today, I’m thankful for voting. I’m thankful for being able to cast my vote and for our ancestors that paved the way to help us cast our votes.  VOTING I remember taking Government class in high school. At the time, Barack Obama became… Continue reading ELECTION DAY WITH MOM


Hey everyone. Hope you all enjoyed the Spooky Festivities of this past weekend.  Today is the first post of β€œ30 Days of Gratitude.” I apologize for being late, it was supposed to be yesterday. But my Hocus Pocus night extended into a Hocus Pocus Weekend. But this past weekend, revealed to me two things that I’m thankful… Continue reading FRIENDSHIP & HEALTH