Good evening

I’m back from spending the remainder of the evening at my brother’s house. It started off going over to Mom’s to do our evening walk. Unfortunately, I had deal with some adulting issues that involved a stern talk with Mom about my spending. Long story short, July is NO SPENDING MONTH!!!

Anyway, we arrived at my brother’s apartment, and the three of us took a family stroll around the block. We stayed and ate Chipotle while watching “Becoming” on Netflix. After it went off, Mom and I returned home, and after I said good night to her, I opened the door to find my Dad asleep on the couch until it’s time for him to go to work.

I smiled because the weekends, for me at the moment, are spent with family. During these times, we need to just surround ourselves with family and friends right now. Even though we can’t do it physically, we have time to be creative and come up with a way to make it happen. Note to self: text Jasmine and Paris tomorrow and check in on them to make sure everyone is ok.

So, I’ll add spending more time with family, texting and calling friends, and indulging on uplifting documentaries to my list of good intentions for the weekend, and for the remainder of this year. But for now, the other thing that I need to add to the list is get some much-needed rest. After the week I’ve had, I deserve some good sleep.

I’ll check in with you guys in the morning.

Stay safe and sweet dreams!

Until next time…



✨Time to get back on it✨

Good afternoon

It feels great to wake up, not having to start up my workstation. I woke up and rolled around in bed for a while, listened to my Bible app, and got up to cook breakfast.

Then I got to working on my paper for Week 04, which is now finished and turned in. Now, I’m in Week 05 of class, which is amazing since it felt like it just Week 01 yesterday. But, time flies, and I have four classes down, and ten more to go before graduation next year. I’m so excited, I can’t wait.

Another thing I did was check on my weight, which due to working from home, working out in spurts, and excessive snacking, it is now at 282.4 lbs. Looking at me, you can’t tell I weigh that much, but my diabetes is showing it so it’s time for me to get back on track with my health again.

In the past, when I would blog about my health mistakes, I tend to beat myself about it. I would either make a negative joke, or just put it out there in a rant just to feel better. But after today, I told myself that I would start speaking more kindly to my body. The more I start doing that, the more motivated I’ll feel to take better care of myself.

Mom is still helping me stay motivated while she’s working out. But it all starts with me having a positive mindset. If I’m not motivated, I’m not going to do it. Time to reset my mindset. Also, I want to reach my goals of reversing my diabetes (it will be done) and making it to 200lbs. as my goal weight.

You know what this means? Time for some journaling and self-reflecting.

Talk later…



Good evening all 🌙

So, tonight’s post is going to be an interesting one. Let’s rewind to last week:

MAR. 15TH -MAR. 21ST:

  • Went to work like normal, while getting emails being aware of the COVID-19 situation
  • Working on Week 5 of my 2nd class- a final exam, paper, and points for taking a survey
  • Dealing with my “Monthly Gift” which required constant snacking, pigging out on chocolate, and staying in my sweats all weekend

MAR. 22ND- MAR. 28TH:

  • Start my 3rd class after having a mini break between classes
  • Arrived to work, only to prepare my workstation to be updated and functioning properly for at home use (working from home starting yesterday)- still getting adjusted to it
  • Trying to play catch up in my current class by completing my tasks for Week 1

So, after my first day of working from home, I took the rest of the evening to play and finished my game of Tomb Raider. Then spent the rest of the evening browsing positive boards on Pinterest. Today, I woke up with a migraine and an upset stomach. Mom checked on me for most of the morning and asked me “How are you able to find your balance between work and class now that you brought work from home?” Long story short, it’s been a challenge and I’m working on it.

Today has been a day of playing catch-up, and tomorrow will be another round too. It’s different for me because I work from 7:30 to 4, take a small break when I come home, and from 5:30 to 8, I’m working on homework for class. Now, I’m trying to maintain that balance, but I’m finding myself looking at a screen for too long. So, I’m working on cutting out screen time, and adding more books, sketching, writing, and other hobbies to help me rest myself mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

I found some new reads from Amazon. Two of the books being about self-healing and chakras. I wanted to get a book on astrology, dealing with the zodiac signs. This is the time for me to train my mind, my body, and spirit to practice healthier habits. I’ve also been researching again on freelancing and turning that into a career. After having a conversation with a colleague, I learned that it’s ok to have an outlet to explore new things, and new job opportunities. I still want to turn that into a passion of mines, but I want to make sure I have my ducks in a row before I make any moves.

Well, hope you all are doing ok during these crazy times, and continue to stay encouraged and positive.

Until next time…



Good evening all.

Hope everyone is enjoying the remainder of their Sunday. I spent the majority of today, working on my paper for Week 04 of class. So far, I tweaked and added more to my outline so that I can stay on track with what I’m writing about for my paper.

The goal was to get the paper finished today, but due to major procrastination over the past few days, it will be submitted tomorrow. I’ve learned that I need to plan things a little better. I still use my Passion Planner faithfully, but for some reason, it’s like something is missing to help me remember and stay accountable on things.

On Tuesday, I will be entering my final week of this class. Here are the tasks to complete for the week:

  • WEEK 04 PAPER- finish writing it, edit/proof-read it, and submit before the end of Monday
  • WEEK 05 DISCUSSION POST- needs to be posted by Thursday and need to respond to peers by the following Monday
  • FINAL EXAM- Between now and Thursday, I need to read, study and review for this exam.
  • WEEK 05 FINAL PAPER- start writing it tomorrow, follow the outline, and make sure to have all my sources that I used to help write the paper. Make sure to edit/proof-read, and check for grammatical errors before submitting it

So, I just heard that the Coronavirus has become a serious issue here in the STL. Apparently, we’re suppose to be having a city shutdown until the end of this month…or April???? Ok, now I definitely need to watch the news some more. But let’s just pray for this country because we are living in some crazy times.

The month of March so far has been… a little bit much. This week alone was a stressful one. But, I did bring that upon myself since I procrastinated BADLY for the past few days this week. But, that little voice in my head is reminding me to stay calm and that everything is going to be ok. So I’m reminding myself that everything is going to be ok and that I shouldn’t stress over my education, work, and anything else. But March so far, I need to get things moving. Still slacking on working out, my sleep pattern is off, and I’m semi-slacking when it comes to my education. I’m trying real hard not to get distracted. So this week, I’m going to create my study space. I need to have no distractions whatsoever in order for me to do my best. I give March an 8 so far.

Ok, I’ve vented and rambled enough tonight. Time for me to get some sleep, and start a fresh new week.

Until next time…



Good evening all 🌙

I’m back with another weekly update for the month. Good news, school is still going strong. Bad news, procrastination kicked my ass…AGAIN!!!!

  • Sunday- Finished my Week 03 paper, prepared for Week 04 of school, and prepared outfits for this week and the following week.
  • Monday- Came into work, with my new humidifier, and finished up one of the tasks I wrote down on my check-list. Later that night, went to rehearsal with Mom and came home and crashed.
  • Tuesday- Almost panicked because one of our assignments for class was to do an interview with someone from another country. Problem? I didn’t know anyone personally that moved from one country to the USA. So, instead tried to work on the second discussion post instead for the week.
  • Wednesday- Emailed my instructor about the assignment and found a work-around, and then emailed my Auntie later that evening for her help. And procrastinated for the rest of the evening after eating dinner with Mom and Dad. (Procrastination Day 1)
  • Thursday- Ordered Imo’s pizza for Dad, which led to a Pizza party at my apartment with my parents yet again. And in the midst of this, watched the Aaron Hernadez documentary on Netflix while trying to work on my second discussion post for the week. Long story short, watch really good shows and docu-series over the weekends, off days, vacation days, and sick days. (Procrastination Day 2)
  • Yesterday- Went to work, finished one project, and went to Bread Co. with Mom to celebrate the homegoing of one of her classmates. I wanted to be there for her and I was glad to see she had a good time talking with other classmates from her school. Then, ended the night watching Flint Town on Netflix, and stayed up late nursing a migraine, watching the series, and then watching Mighty Ducks on DisneyPlus. (Procrastination Day 4)
  • Today- Continued watching Mighty Duck, and rewatched the Aaron Hernandez story, and stayed watching Netflix for the entire evening, and now currently watching Philly the Kid as we speak (Procrastination Day 5) and enjoyed binging on Imo’s again with Dad.

Long story short, procrastination has been my struggle. Struggle with health, school, even work at times. Some how, it just sneaks up on me and dominates me. During my doctor’s visit, I mentioned that growing up, procrastination has been my best friend. The problem, I try not to let it be, but obviously, I need to discipline myself more. It’s crazy how I went from extremely beast mode last year to just being stuck. I need help getting out of this funk.

But that’s the thing about a new week, it’s like a fresh start to trying to form new habits and breaking old ones. I’m trying, it’s hard but I’m trying. Don’t worry, I’m hanging in there.

Until next time…