A Day in the Life

Good evening. So, we are now in the month of February. And... I have three classes left before graduation! Can't believe how fast this journey has been for me. So, to kick off February, I participated in a corporate fast. Long story short, I didn't do so well after Day 01. But that's okay, I… Continue reading A Day in the Life


Good morning. So one of the goals that I made for myself that I'm carrying into this year is reading more books. For the remainder of 2020, I started good on this goal by listening to audiobooks while I was working from home. Here are a few audiobooks from December 2020 that I really enjoyed:… Continue reading BOOKS FOR 2021


Good evening. Hope everyone is taking the time to unwind after voting earlier.  Today’s post, I’m going to share my first book that I am currently reading for the month of November. In earlier posts, I mentioned my goals for 2020, and one goal has remained the same every month, which is to read more… Continue reading A PIECE OF CAKE