It is the beginning of a new month.

These past few months have been a journey for me.

Let’s start with the big news… I’m graduating!!!!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

My journey with UAGC (formerly known as Ashford University) came to an end on May 17th. It feels different now, not being in the habit of checking my to-do list for assignments. I no longer have papers to write or projects to create. However, the takeaway of taking classes online have changed me in two ways:

1. I developed a Growth Mindset
2. I’ve walked away as a Forever Learner

During this time, I haven’t forgotten about you guys. I know I started the year with a few posts about my goals for the year, what I was reading, and how my progress was going with school. As you can see, school ended on a high note. However, I had to take time that I would devote to the blog, and devote that time to hours of reading online textbooks, watching insightful videos, and engaging in daily discussion boards—all these things that have improved my communication skills. I noticed that some of you are still checking out my blog. I say all of this to say… thank you!

If I can give anyone starting a blog some advice, it does takes consistency to run a blog, but it also takes time building that consistency. There are going to be moments where you’re able to post daily, and then you may have a time where you can’t post as much due to…life. In the midst of it all, I was glad to see that my blog was still reaching people. For a moment, I doubted myself because even though I was focused on school, I felt like I had abandoned the blog and you all, the audience. Now, I see that I’m still able to reach someone, whether it’s through a post, or more than one post. Thank you to you all for taking the time to read the blog, and see how things are going.

I’m grateful for you all because you’ve inspired me to keep going, even though I had to take a break. I had moments where I reached out to other bloggers, and read other blogs for inspiration. I’ve found articles on Pinterest that talks about how I can improve my blogging. I still want to make this a full-time career, and with faith and consistency, I’m on the right track to reaching that goal and making it a reality. I couldn’t have gotten this far without you all!

Again, thank you.

Until next time…

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