A Day in the Life

Good evening.

So, we are now in the month of February.

And… I have three classes left before graduation!

Can’t believe how fast this journey has been for me. So, to kick off February, I participated in a corporate fast. Long story short, I didn’t do so well after Day 01. But that’s okay, I learned a lot during those three days.

I realized that my emotional eating issues have become more serious within the past month. Also, I still struggle with prioritizing my tasks and managing my time throughout the day. And, the biggest issue that I’m still working through is feeling lukewarm in my faith. I listen to my Bible App, but I don’t engage in bible study like I used to. Even though I’m struggling with these things, I’m thankful for this time that the fast showed me what’s been weighing on my heart.


The good news, I’ve completed five audiobooks and finishing my sixth this week. Bad news, still working on reading physical books as my goal for this year. The series I’ve been “reading” is the “Shatter Me” series by Tahereh Mafi. I’m listening to “Imagine Me” and I loved the series so much, I decided to go ahead and get the series in physical copies. I’m waiting on book six, which will be released this month. But books one through five, are nessled in the comfort of my bookcase, waiting to be cracked open for another round of reading.

Here’s my intentions for the week:

  • Spend more time with God & engage more in Bible Study
  • Review materials from Week 02 for class
  • Prepare for Week 03- the halfway mark
  • Pick 1 physical book to read for the month- revamping my reading goal a little bit
  • Go over graduation checklist
  • Brainstorm plans for Passion Projects

Well, time for me to finish my paper, and respond to my discussion posts. I’ll keep you all posted on what’s going on in my life soon.

Until next time…

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