Good morning.

It is the official last day of January.

January was not only the beginning of a new year, but it was also a time for me to do the following:

REST– For all of 2020, I was not only on the go-go-go with online classes, but I was also go-go-go when I was working from home. Instead of me sticking to my word of the year, I strayed away from it, only to cause more stress on myself— physically, mentally, and spiritually.

REFLECT– June of 2020, I started back journaling again. The previous journal is filled from June to October of 2020. Due to the stresses of classes and changes to my schedule, November and December was bad because I bottled up my emotions. Mid-December to now, I’ve gotten better at writing everyday. I’m now working on creating a journaling routine, now that I know the best time for me to journal is at night.

BALANCE– So I think I may change the name of the blog to “The Balance Diaries” as much as this word has come up in every post. But, when it comes to balance, that’s something I’m still working on. My time management skills need MAJOR work, and I’m stuck in superwoman mode, where I feel like I need to get everything done to feel accomplished… and I don’t.

And that’s ok.

Overall, January was time for resting, reflecting, and working on finding balance in my life. This now leads me to my news. I have a few exciting announcements:

  • I just passed my previous class with an A
  • I just started my new class and now entering Week 02

I’m so excited, it feels like it was just yesterday when I started taking online classes. But with only 3 classes left under my belt, that means I’m on a tighter schedule, which includes working on my blog. So before I plan out my week and the month of February in my planner, I just wanted to give you all a heads up:

  • I’ll post on Saturdays- this current class is a Capstone that requires a lot of reading and writing, so my time Mondays through Fridays are preoccupied by work and school. As for Sundays, I’ve dedicated those days for a day of rest, spending time with God, and practicing self-care
  • The posts will be weekly updates of my life. From how my journey is going with my weight loss to creating systems and sharing with you all how well they’ve been working for me.
  • After graduation (May 2021), I’ll go back to my old schedule of uploading 1 post everyday.

Don’t worry, I’m still going to be active and still read your posts and engage with you all. I’m not going anywhere. I hope you all are enjoying your Sunday, and getting things done. It’s time for me to get my day started. I’ll check on you all next week!

Thank you, January!

Until next time…

1 thought on “MONTHLY REFLECTIONS: JAN. 2021”

  1. 2020 was the year it all happened.

    Everything that could go right did, as well as anything that could go wrong. But in all of it, they gave varying perspectives to life. We saw loss, pain, community, love, we saw ourselves push the boundaries of several limitations.
    At Retrogram, we are helping people tell the stories of their year-in-review. Retrogram collects the best and most inspiring stories and shares them to the world to see. Come share your story with us here

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