Good morning.

For the past few days, I’ve struggled with balancing my health: mind, body, and soul.

Then I remember reading a quote somewhere that said this:

“How do you expect for your overall health to be in balance if more than one aspect is out of balance?”

I took time to reflect on that quote and realized, I trying to balance my overall health, but it’s hard to do that if parts of my health are not in sync with each other. In 2019, my physical health was improving, which caused a butterfly effect with other parts of my health. When I ate healthier, and was working out more, I no longer was feeling anxious or worried about certain things in life. When I worked out, I was sleeping better, longer, and feeling more energized and calm the following day. I felt more productive throughout the week, whether it was work, school, even doing simple chores around the apartment, I had increased my productivity.

Then January 2020, I got sick, and I noticed everything going in reverse. I was tired because some nights I wasn’t able to sleep due to my sinus infection. My mood was nonchalant, depressing, like I didn’t want to do anything but sleep, which caused me to make excuses for working out less. I was eating soup, which then led to processed foods, which then led to me binging on UberEats. Since I wasn’t drinking enough water, I had 2 episodes where I pulled something in my lower back, and I was in pain until I finally hydrated myself.

Long story short, from me reflecting and writing down these things, it’s causing me to hold myself more accountable for changing my old habits. It also showed me that in 2019, I just did these things because it was the right thing to do, but I wasn’t keeping track and preparing myself for moments like this to happen. Sure, I was working out, eating healthy, getting proper sleep, and drinking water. But I wasn’t doing simple things like taking vitamins, stretching, meditating, and tracking my progress.

Also, I was doing all of this for the wrong reasons. Instead of thinking I want to feel healthy and be happy, I was focused on losing the weight, toning up, and improving my health. So, I found the realistic pros of working out and staying healthy, and decided to focus on those, rather than putting so much focus on my weight or the way my body looks overall.
Hope you enjoyed today’s post. I’ll keep you posted on my health journey and I hope it inspired you to keep going!

Until next time…

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