Good morning everyone.

How are you?

Hope you all are enjoying this peaceful Tuesday morning.

Today is Day 10 of The Gratitude Diaries, and today I am thankful for the gift of writing. I know, it’s crazy that this wasn’t one of my earlier posts. This morning, I really took some time to think about it, and I’m thankful for writing. The past week, and these past few days helped me realize it. Even though I am taking classes online, and I working on the blog, I try to make time to go back to the basics of using pen and paper.

I’ve always kept a journal ever since I was in second grade. I remember I started writing in a journal after reading the book series “Amelia’s Notebook.” If you’ve never heard of them, there were two or three illustrated books, made to look like composition notebooks and you followed the life of this girl named Amelia. I got the books as Christmas gifts, and ever since then, I felt in love with reading, writing, and drawing (in that order). I would purchase composition books from the Dollar Store, and try to make mines look like Amelia’s, only for them to look like chicken scratch at first. As I got older, I transitioned from notebooks, to nicer journals like the ones you would see in the bookstore. My relatives would get me a new journal every year as a gift, and I would fill it up until it was time to get the next one. Now, I created a small collection of new journals in my room to use when I finish an old one.

Even though I don’t use notebooks for journaling, I still use them for other things. I use notebooks during my Quiet Time, or when I would go to church and take notes on the sermon. Most times, I’ll use notebooks to write down quick ideas or to brainstorm about a project I’m working on. I used to have a notebook that contained every detail on how I wanted “The Gabby Diaries” to help others. Unfortunately, it got damaged during one of my moves, and the pages I was able to salvage, I started fresh in a journal, and eventually created a page on Notion that holds all my ideas and posts for the blog.

Growing up, I also enjoyed writing short stories. I even took a Creative Writing class my senior year in high school. Creative writing is where I was able to explore different realms, and study different kinds of writing. It also created an outlet for me to express myself during my times of depression. It was hard for me to talk about certain things with people, but through writing, I able to share my thoughts and my feelings in a way where others could try to understand me better. The more I read my short stories, the more people reached out to me, telling me that I should share my stories with the world. I have so many stories, but due to life, I haven’t found the time to get them out on paper….
Until now.

And there you have it, another installment of “30 Days of Gratitude.” What inspired you to start writing? Did any of you keep a journal or a notebook to document the things happening around you? Do any of you use creative writing or any form of writing as an outlet? If you enjoyed today’s post, leave a comment down below. I will check in with you all later on, and I will be back with another entry on “The Gabby Diaries.”

Until next time…

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