Good morning.

As you know, I am a full-time college student.

For my new followers, so be patient me, I have a slew of papers to write every week.

But hey, I love writing, that’s what getting a Communications Studies degree entails.
I slacked a little bit yesterday. I’m wrapping up Week 03 of class, and I have a paper to turn in tonight, so there will be a couple of blog posts for today, starting with this one. Since I missed Day 08 of the “30 Days of Gratitude” series, I decided to combine Day 08 & Day 09 together for today’s post. Let’s start with Day 08.

Day 08 goes to my Dad, who goes by the name of JB. Like me, Dad is also on his faith walk. Earlier this year, he turned his life over to God. And, also like me, he’s been having his ups and his down’s. Earlier this week, we found out that one of his close friend and his wife, both contracted COVID, and it’s been weighing heavy on him for the past few days. I assured my Dad that they were going to pull through it. There have been people that have had the virus worse than others, then there are people that contracted it and they came out on the other end, healthier than before. Dad has been there for us for through everything, even when my parents divorced, they are still good friends to this day. He helped me understand how to take care of myself, we have our moments where I feel like I’m taking care of him. He works nights so throughout the day, he is tired. But he’s like a big kid, trying to fight sleep, only for me to look up and he’s napping. I remind him to lay down and go to sleep. He’ll laugh because he knows I’ve caught him in the act, and he cannot change the story. But that’s our relationship. So, Day 08 is dedicated to my Dad, for always being Dad. My big, lovable teddy bear. Thank you Dad!

I started taking online classes earlier this year in January. I never thought that I could make the leaps and bounds that I’ve made with Ashford. It was a bit of a rocky start because I had a game plan, I took the week of my birthday off, and other than celebrating and relaxing, and I was going to take that time to prepare myself for this journey. I was going to create a routine, I was going to set goals, and actions to achieve those goals. Then, I got sick the week of my birthday, which turned my focus from school to health. I was working on getting better, getting my immune system back to 100%. But, once I did that, it was time for me to start my first class, and I actually had to start it a few days early. Every time you start a class, you post your introduction a day or two before your first day of class. I didn’t know this until the day before my first class. The same day I posted it, I also had to get access of my textbook. It was a rush, and I was starting to feel overwhelmed. But after the first class, I developed my growth mindset, I started to think more positive about this experience. As time went on, I worked hard, I passed each class, I got help for my mental illness, and I’ll be graduating in May (it was April, but I have two capstone classes, and one of them extends to three months), I currently have a B+ in this class, that will be an A (technical writing is NOT easy, but I’m hanging in there and doing the best I can). Every step of the way, the staff reaches out to me to make sure I’m getting the help and resources I need to succeed. So thank you Ashford for everything you’ve done for me. I can’t wait for graduation!

So those are the two things I’m thankful for. Day 08 & Day 09 of “30 Days of Gratitude” are in the books. Are there any Daddy’s Girls out there? Any college students out there? What are you thankful for during this month? Let me know in the comments. Well, let me get my day started, and figure out a game plan to work on my paper for class tonight. Only two weeks left after today you all, and then four courses left until graduation!!!!

Until next time…

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