Good evening.

I would normally have a post in the morning, but due to running errands with Mom, and all the excitement of our New President and Vice President, things have been a little hectic. 

In the midst of running errands with Mom, we went to go visit Nana, and that made me think… Day 07 is dedicated to the grandparents out there. Growing up, I had Nana and Papa (on my Mom’s side), and Grandma and Grandpa (on my Dad’s side). Papa and Grandpa were both God-fearing men who made sure that everyone in the house went to church, understood the Bible, and the importance of living a Christian life. Nana and Grandma were the women of the house that spoke their mind and would do anything for their grandchildren.

In 2006, we lost Papa. For me, it was rough because he passed away during my sophomore year in high school. At first, I took it as him missing out on everything that was going on in my life, and in my family’s life. Then, I was reminded that he was always watching over us, no matter what we did. Then, ten years later, we lost Grandma Beverly. It was hard for me because I beat myself up for not being around so much. When I was little, she loved eating Oreos, Cheetos Puff, and Pepsi. When I would stay the weekends, Sundays were sacred because we spent time together. We would snack and watch shows together on television and have special talks about life. Other times, I sit in the room with her, and we’d watch shows until she fell asleep. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss them, but I still have Nana and Grandpa.

Mom goes by to check on Nana, and I’ll go along to help Mom do things for Nana, or if Nana isn’t feeling well, we’ll go by to spend time with her and make sure she’s ok. Grandpa, I giggle because we talk to Grandpa, but since Aunt Jasmine is a full-time mom, with two adorable little ones, Grandpa’s attention most times is on the grandbabies. As the saying goes, Grandpa is still Grandpa, a man of God who loves babies, will feed them yummy treats, and refused to sit still. And Nana, is a spit fire who loves Hibachi, the Bible, and making sure that people are doing ok have the necessities that they need. 

To end this post, thank you to all the grandparents out there that make us those special treats, or give us gifts to make us feel better. The grandparents that are learning how to cell phones, but still need help understanding how to text. Thank you to the grandparents for those fun weekends at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, making cookies, telling stories, and watching cable. Thank you!

And that’s it for Day 7 of “30 Days of Gratitude.” Do you have special memories of your grandparents? What are you thankful for today? I hope you all enjoyed today’s post. I’ll be back later on with another one. For now, it’s time to work on homework.

Until next time…


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