Good evening.

How are you feeling?

Hope everyone enjoyed this beautiful day and it’s festivities!

I’m back. And, here to give you all an update on how the first official week of November has been. Where do I start?


So, last Friday, I hosted Hocus Pocus Night (which ended up translated to Girls’ Night since we didn’t watch Hocus Pocus… oh well). The night started off with… drinks, laughter, more drinks, snacks, more drinks, and more laughter. I invited my friends Paris, and Jasmine, and our newfound friend Marsha. Each of us had a hectic, stressful week of the last week of October. Long story short, it was Happy Hour Weekend at my apartment. Friday was a hit, Saturday, we picked up some IHOP, and crashed, and woke up to endure another night of laughter, fun, and a few drinks. Then Sunday, I woke up with sinus issues, made myself two hot totties, which resulted in a slight upset stomach. The day ended with Dad and I having an empty apartment, and a banging migraine, followed by a cold sore on my lip- NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!


Monday rolled around with another round of an upset stomach, followed by a sinus migraine (darn weather change). So, I didn’t start my day until about 11, and endure most of the day blogging, as well as writing my assignment for Week 02 of class. Update, I only have two weeks left, so I’ll try my best to stay consistent with the blog. Election Day came around, and Mom and I woke up and stood in line for two hours and casted in our votes. (We already know the outcome, CONGRATS BIDEN & HARRIS!!!!!). Afterwards, I spent the rest of the day at Mom’s house, getting most of my homework done for the week. Then Wednesday and Thursday were…. Interesting. I called Jasmine Thursday evening to vent, which turned into a positive phone call, and part of the inspiration for one of the blog posts for this week. Click here to read how to recover a bad day. Friday was a peaceful morning of talking to Dad about my health, how Hocus Pocus Weekend was a success and failure (I spent most of the week healing my cold sore, which is almost gone- YAY!!!). 


So earlier this week, my weight has been improving. I’m now at 270 pounds, which makes it 11 pounds I’ve lost since September. My blood sugar has really improved, and Friday, Dad and I had a debate on checking my blood pressure. The way I’ve been checking it, I think I’ve been doing it correctly. But as he was showing me how to check it, I think it went up because my numbers on his machine were higher than the numbers on mine. So, I’ll do some research and use my machine to check my pressure. I think me moving around so quickly, caused stress and my heart rate to go up. Who knows, I’m still learning. Starting tomorrow, I’ll go back to taking my vitamins. Dad told me one of his friends from work was tested positive for COVID, him and his wife, and they’re currently at the hospital. Even though I’ve been home since March, I need to take extra precautions whenever I go out and about now, especially since I normally get sinus infections around this time of year. So next week, we’re kicking my health game into high gear with vitamins, and more sleep. 


I want to thank you all for staying tuned on the blog. If you are new to “The Gabby Diaries,” I want to welcome you, and thank you for making this blog possible and inspiring me to continue to work hard and stay consistent. Since I’ve been blogging, I stumbled across a site called Vocal. I’ve never heard of the site until now, and figure I would give it a shot. So next week, be on the lookout for some content on that page from me as well. I’ve been reading articles on podcasting and been doing a little brainstorming. Could podcasting be in my future? I don’t know, but it’s something that I would like to try. I’ll keep you guys updated on the next project I’m working on.

That is my first week of November in a nutshell. I will check in with you all tomorrow. Tonight, I’m going to relax and indulge in a hot cup of TAZO tea, I think I’m going with the Chamomile to help me sleep. Tomorrow, I’ve got some things to take care of. Have a blessed night readers!

Until next time… 


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