Good morning.

Happy Friday!

I am writing today’s post from the comfort of my chair, due to yet another miserable migraine. 😖😖😖😖😖 But hey, what better way to take your mind off of a migraine than writing to your heart’s content, right?
Today is Day 06 of my gratitude challenge for the month of November. And this post goes out to two special people in my life, my aunt Jasmine and my best friend Jasmine. I’m blessed to have these two lovely ladies in my life.

If there is one person that has been an inspiration for me to continue to be healthy, to try new things, and enjoy doing it, it’s my Aunt. You ever have dreams of pursuing something creative but you feel like it’s hard to talk to people about it? My Aunt is one of those people where if you want to do, and your passionate about it, go for it and give it 💯 as they say. She’s one of the reasons why I continue to work hard on “The Gabby Diaries.” So, auntie, if you’re reading this, I want to say thank you and I’m so thankful and grateful for having you in my life. Love you Auntie.

Next, is my “sister”, Jasmine. Growing up, I was the only girl. I never had a sister until I went to college and met this lady. That’s how we talk on the phone, through text, in person. It was a relief to meet someone that passionate about art just like I was. Being around her has been nothing but an adventure. She has the most beautiful personality, and we’re both big kids at heart. Cartoons is the key to the perfect day. Like my aunt, Jasmine always gives me advice when I’m ready to take on a challenge. They keep me grounded, especially during these times we’re in. You need people like this in your corner. Jasmine, you are my sister, and I’m so thankful and grateful to have you as a friend. Love you lady! 💜

I hope you all enjoyed this morning’s post. I will check in later on today. For now, I’m going to lay down and rest, and hopefully, this migraine will disperse in time for me to write another post today. Enjoy your morning readers! Thank you again, Auntie and Jasmine. ♥️🥰♥️🥰♥️

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “JASMINE & JASMINE”

  1. Hey, have you tried Cove? For your migraines? 😫
    I experience headaches once in a blue moon but when I do, it feels like hell. Please see it thrthrough 😭

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    1. I never heard of it, but I take Excedrin. I took some not too long ago, just woke up from a LONG nap lol 😂😂😂😂 don’t worry love, I’m doing much better. Just resting, thank you for being concerned and checking on me. Hope you enjoy “The Gabby Diaries.” 😊🥰😊🥰😊

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