Good evening.

Happy Friday again!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Friday evening.

Today’s post, I wanted to share with you all how I recover from having a bad day or a bad week. The past few weeks, I’ve had some moments where I haven’t been feeling like myself lately. After the Hocus Pocus Weekend, I came down with a hint of sinus issues, followed by migraines for most of the week. Long story short, when you don’t feel good, your mood can change.

My mood has been a clear sign that my day hasn’t been going so great, and that I wasn’t feeling well. So, if you’re like me and you’re having a day or a week where you’re not feeling quite like yourself, here are some things that I do to help me bounce back from those moments.

Girl holding a Glitter Journal


2020, for me, has been a year of writing. I find myself writing now more than ever. Whether it’s journaling, or just taking a quick note on a post-it, I love to write. Blogging is writing and it’s therapy for me now. Once I get everything out on paper, or on the post, I feel better. Reading articles and practicing my morning pages have really helped me in my morning routine. If you’re having a bad day, write about it. Write down the emotions you’re feeling, what happened that made you feel these emotions, what thoughts are going through your mind and how can you turn them into positive thoughts. So, find yourself a journal that inspires you to start writing, a good quality pen or pencil, and when in doubt, write it out! It will help you in the future. 

An iPhone


Sometimes, you just need someone to talk to. For me, I have my small support group of people I can talk to when something is bothering me. My friend, Jasmine is a great example. Whether I’m having a good day or a bad day, I’ll call her up and we’ll talk on the phone for hours. Other times, she’ll call me just to check on me and I’ll do the same for her. My friend, Jared is another person I can count on when it comes to talking to someone. As long as you have a circle that has your go-to contacts, call these people when you need someone to talk to. 

Some artwork I created in Photoshop last year


Days or weeks like this, are the times when my creativity starts flowing. Start a blog, start recording videos and create a YouTube channel, write a story, draw and create some art. Read that book you wanted to start, but haven’t had a chance to do it yet. Listen to some good music or an inspiring podcast to give you inspiration and motivation to do more in your life. Do something fun to help take your mind off of the negative thoughts and emotions your feeling. Watch something funny for a good laugh, or a documentary to tap your critical thinking powers. As long as you’re doing an activity to help you eliminate those negative thoughts and emotions, you’ll no longer think about your bad day or week no more. 

No more scrolling


Sign out of your accounts, and just unwind. Sometimes, we just need to unplug and take a moment to breathe and be aware of what’s going on in the moment around us. Do something to take your mind off of endless scrolling or moments of scrolling and playing “The Comparison Game” between your life and someone else’s life on the screen. I suggest Pinterest & WeHeartIt if you can’t detox completely. These sites spread positivity and share great ideas for multiple projects, life hacks, and advice on everything.

There you have it, that’s another blog post for today. I hope these tips help give you some inspiration and also help you get through a bad day or week. Leave a comment and share with me some of the things that you do when you’re having a bad day. Time for me to dive into homework for the rest of the evening. I’m in Week 03 of my class already!

Until next time…



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