Good morning.

It is Day 04 of “30 Days of Gratitude.”

Today, I’m thankful for quiet mornings. Ever since March, like many of us, I’ve been working from the comfort of my living room. From March until May, my mornings were hectic. I would wake up, rushing to start work, only feeling guilty of not taking the time to enjoy my mornings. I would feel tired, and groggy, and look back not doing some of the things that I would like to do in the mornings.

Now, I wake up, I listen to worship music, I follow a plan in the Bible app, and catch up on a sermon from Faith Church. Then, I’ll write my morning pages to help me get rid of any negative thoughts that cloud my mind before I start work. For the past few weeks, the biggest benefits to my quiet mornings is incorporating my morning pages. I giggle reading back on past entries because you don’t realize how many thoughts run through your mind until you get them out on paper. For instance, the first day I started, I remember typing non-stop because that week was a BAD week for me as far as work and school. I was stressing out, not to mention that I was slipping with my health a little bit (don’t worry, the weather seemed to cause a shift in my mood, I’m back on track). After I finished writing, I was shocked to see everything that was I was thinking about pour onto the page.

I also have gotten better at making it a habit to check my vitals. My health is a top priority, especially now that I’m on Trulicity for a short trial period. In the mornings, I have time to check both my blood sugar and my blood pressure, which both have been doing great. In the past, I would rush to get to work that I would forget to check these things, which probably led to my spike back in September. If I’m checking these things on a regular basis, how will I know for sure if I’m really healthy or if I need help in maintaining a healthier lifestyle? I’m still working on the exercise part as far as adding as part of my morning routine when I wake up.

I’m also thankful for Quiet Mornings, because most times, I’m able to just do things with a flow. I don’t think about what I’m going to do next before I start work, I just do it. For instance, I woke up, took a relaxing shower, listened to some music, made a fresh cup of coffee, and watched Faith Church. Most mornings, I don’t follow what’s written in my agenda, I just go with what feels comfortable for me. I still check my vitals, but everything just comes naturally.

There you have it. That is today’s post, and Day 04 of “30 Days of Gratitude.” I’ll be back with another post later on today, so I’ll check in with you all later on.

Until next time…

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