Good afternoon.

I’m back with Day 03 of “30 Days of Gratitude.” Today, I’m thankful for voting. I’m thankful for being able to cast my vote and for our ancestors that paved the way to help us cast our votes. 


I remember taking Government class in high school. At the time, Barack Obama became our first black president. It was an exciting time in history; however, I wasn’t able to vote during his first term because I wasn’t of legal age to vote. When I turned 18, I voted for him for his second term. I was so proud because I made sure I got out there and voted. During the 2016 election, things took a turn for the worst. I changed addresses once I moved into my apartment, and I thought I was able to vote at the new location. Sadly, I spent the entire day, trying to figure out where I was supposed to vote. The outcome? My name and address were in the system, but I registered a day past the deadline. I thought I safe, but I felt stripped away of my rights to vote because I didn’t get notified or any alerts until that fateful day. Now, since that day, I made sure I have the information updated for me to vote, as well as stay up to date with current events. 


Today’s events also made me think about how thankful I am for my mom. I called her yesterday and asked if she could take me to go vote. Luckily, she was off work today to vote, and turns out Dad already voted, but he had to work. So, we got up and headed to the library early this morning. From 6:30 until 8:30, we stood in line, in the cold, waiting patiently to vote. To pass the time, we watched puppy videos on my phone, I caught her up on my Hocus Pocus Weekend with the girls, and we danced in order to keep our bodies warm and moving from standing still for so long. But it made me think about the time we spend together. Even though she’s in her house now, I still make time for her, and she still makes sure that I’m doing ok. Our relationship has gotten stronger since I left the nest in 2016.

That’s it for Day 03 of “30 Days of Gratitude.” There is still time left to get out there and cast your votes, so go out there and make a difference. And if you’re doing it with your Mom, make it fun while you wait, watch funny videos to help the time go by, or move around to get the blood flowing. I’ll see you all later with another post.

Until next time…


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