Good evening.

Hope everyone is taking the time to unwind after voting earlier. 

Today’s post, I’m going to share my first book that I am currently reading for the month of November. In earlier posts, I mentioned my goals for 2020, and one goal has remained the same every month, which is to read more books. If you want to read the previous post that talks about my goals for the month, just click here.

Growing up, I’ve always had a love for books. I would read all kinds of books and write my own stories, getting lost inside my own little world of imagination. As I got older, and became an adult, I lost the love of reading.

Now, I’m slowly developing that passion for reading again, especially during a year like 2020. So, in my private library of novels, I came across one that I had bought for myself as a birthday gift last year. “A Piece of Cake” by Cupcake Brown is a memoir of a woman, who went from living a life of difficult circumstances, to a life that she worked so hard to gain. 

Here is a snippet from “A Piece of Cake”:

“I didn’t call the police. Somehow, I knew that once they came, they’d take Momma away and I’d never see her again. So instead, I went back to her, scooted my little body under hers so I could put her head in my lap, and began singing our favorite song: “Chain of Fools” by Aretha Franklin. We used to play that song as we sang and danced around the house. In fact, we had just been dancing to it and singing it the night before. I hadn’t known then that that would be our good-bye party. It was then I began to cry.”

This is just the first chapter, and I was already hooked. I’m still reading the book, starting Chapter five this evening before I go to sleep. This book is one that I can’t put down yet, but I’m glad I picked it as my first choice for the month of November. 

I’ll continue to keep you all posted on my progress with “A Piece of Cake.” Have you all ever read this book? Do you have a special book that you would recommend during the month of November? Leave a comment down below, and I’ll check in with you all tomorrow.

Until next time…


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