Hey everyone.

Hope you all enjoyed the Spooky Festivities of this past weekend. 

Today is the first post of “30 Days of Gratitude.” I apologize for being late, it was supposed to be yesterday. But my Hocus Pocus night extended into a Hocus Pocus Weekend. But this past weekend, revealed to me two things that I’m thankful for: Friends and my health. Let’s start with the first one, Friends.


This week, and this week, I’ve been surrounded by nothing but positive energy from all of friends. I’ve kept in touch with the girls, Jasmine, Paris, and our new-found friend, Marsha. We giggled Friday night about how excited everyone was for this weekend to arrive. I mentioned this week because I kept in touch with my dear friends, Jared and Tony. Jared will call me from time to time to check on me, and I’ll do the same for him. And Tony, is my ray of sunshine, especially on days when I need a good laugh, but we both send each other positive energy when we need it. But it revealed to me just how blessed I am to have great friends. Growing up, when I was little, I had good friends that over time, we grew apart, or I learned the hard way that they were never meant to be my friend. But It’s like the saying goes:

“There are friends for a reason, and then there are friends for a season.” 

We all had a blast, from pigging out on snacks and treats, to shopping and sharing stories about life, our dreams, and our goals. We even planned on a “Friendsgiving” this month, as well as a birthday gathering for Jasmine in December. Overall, Hocus Pocus Weekend was a HUGE success.


Another thing I’m grateful for is my health. So, the past two weeks has been filled with rain, and cold temperatures. Unfortunately for me, that’s a recipe for a sinus flare-up. Since we indulged in alcohol for part of the weekend, I played it safe and skipped taking my medication. However, Sunday morning, it all caught up with me. Each night was packed with laughter, staying up past midnight, and indulging in good food and wine. Well, when you’re originally an early riser like myself, you don’t get the full amount of sleep you’d like. When I woke up Sunday, I aimed straight for the box of tissues, and made myself two cups of tea to help me breathe. However, eating good foods plus hot tea equal an upset stomach, followed by an awful migraine after talking to my aunt. But, later that day, and this morning, I realized that is something else I’m thankful for. My health could be in worst shape than it has been, I could be a lot worse. But I’m here, trying my best to improve it. 

After a fun-filled weekend of hanging out with the girls and getting sick, I decided to rest today so that I can catch up on sleep I missed this weekend. Not to mention, I have tons of homework to catch up on since I slacked the entire weekend and didn’t work on anything. 

Is friendship and health some of the things that you all are thankful for? Did everyone have a Spooktacular Halloween? Are we all staying warm during these chilly temperatures? I hope you all enjoyed today’s post for “30 Days of Gratitude.” I will return tomorrow with another entry. Stay warm out there and stay healthy. I’ll check in with you all later.

Until next time…


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