Good morning.

Sitting here gysting on this beautiful Sunday. I’m back with my goals for this new month of November. Now, I know that normally when we’re setting new goals, we start during the month of January at the beginning of a new year. But why not do this for every month to help you keep track of your progress? Ok, now that I’ve rambled on enough, let’s get right into it. If you are new to the blog, and you’ve never read these monthly reflections, click here to see how this post is related to other monthly reflections here on “The Gabby Diaries.”


From the year of 2016 until now, I’ve been battling with both my physical and mental health. The past two years alone, I’ve been focused mainly on my physical health, throwing everything else in my life on the backburner. Then (and I think everyone felt this way) 2020 arrived, giving us the gift of COVID-19, a hectic and confusing upcoming election, and causing mass depression and panic nationwide for many individuals. In the midst of these events taking place, my A1C and my blood pressure spiked, which caused me to take my health more seriously. From cooking my meals and switching up my diet, to incorporating workouts throughout my day, and getting the proper amount of sleep. Unfortunately, the past couple weeks in October have affected my mood, causing me to slack a little in the health department. So, my goal for the month of November is to incorporate more indoor workouts on days or weeks when the weather is icky or it is too cold. These past two weeks have been in the mid 30’s & 40’s in the mornings, and only reaching the early 50’s for part of the day. But, no more slacking, let’s get cracking.


Well, the good news, I’m still reading “Living by the Book.” Bad news, “The Power of Habit” became a little too complicated for me to understand so I decided to stop reading it. But, I found a book in my collection that I’ve started reading, and it has really caught my attention. “A Piece of Cake” is a memoir about Cupcake Brown, a lady that literally “started from the bottom, now she’s here” as Drake would say. I read the first chapter, and after reading the second page, immediately, I was hooked. I am still reading it. I will share an update with you all. This leads to some good news though, at the rate I’m reading this book, I may be able to switch up my original goal of reading one book a month, to reading more than one book. We’ll see, I’ll keep you all posted. 


Another thing that I have tackled during the month of October was trying to organize my life. One of the things I did to kick start this chapter was go through my wardrobe and decluttered EVERYTHING! Which means…yes, I’m going to become a minimalist. It took a Saturday with my family cleaning my apartment to help me realize that I’ve accumulated too much stuff, causing me to stress over it, and not be able to have control on the issue. I was slowly turning into a hoarder (my brother giggled as he helped me clean). I’ve seen the show, it’s NEVER A PRETTY PICTURE. So, after the apartment was clean, I left my room as an assignment for myself. Unfortunately, due to work and school (and other times, endless moments of procrastination) I keep putting off the task of putting together my organization system, practicing the Konmari method to declutter my things, and have order and serenity throughout my apartment. So, starting this month, I will document my process and my experience of learning minimalism, what I’m letting go, and how this experience has changed me over time. 


This is the month of giving thanks, so I will also have blog posts of things that I’m thankful for. A few years back, I kept a journal, and I remember every morning before I started my Quiet Time, I would fill up one page of the things and people that I was thankful for. Sadly, I’ve been doing that less and less now. But…last week, I started writing morning pages, which allows me to brain dump all the thoughts that cloud my mind throughout the day (and they cause me stress throughout the week). So, this will be a fun blogging challenge for me for the month of November. Plus, I think it will be a great way for me to have it as a daily reminder for moments when I’m feeling down or anxious, or I just want to look back and have a moment of reflection. 

Wow, I’ve said a mouthful. But, hey that’s how my monthly reflections go, right? Do you all have any goals for the month of November? What are some things that you’re grateful for?  Feel free to share in the comments below. I’ll check in with you all later on.

Until next time…


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