Good morning.

How is everyone doing?

So, I have done it again, I have slacked on blogging last week.

However, it was a hectic week for me, with school. The good news, I wrapped up my previous class. I’m awaiting my final grade, which will be a passing grade. The bad news, I didn’t manage my time wisely when it came to preparation for Week 01 of my new class, causing me to overthink and become a little overwhelmed on the written assignment. Don’t worry, after taking some time to go over the project with my instructor and a little motivation from my folks, I was able to finish my assignment last night and submit. Only thing left to complete for week one is to respond to my discussion board. And then, I will prepare for this new week.

I’m writing today’s post to give you all a conclusion to the month of October. This is the last month, and this may be another hectic week for me, so in case you don’t hear from me, you understand why. Don’t worry, I’ll be back in the month of November with plenty to talk about so new posts coming soon. I created some goals for myself this month, if you are new and haven’t read that post, click here, and to read the update, you can click here. Long story short, I completed half of the goals that were on my list.

I was currently reading two books, but now I’m still reading one, and that is “Living by the Book.” The other book, “The Power of Habit” was indeed an interesting book, however, for someone that has bipolar such as myself, and thinks differently that others in the world, I felt the diagrams, and example used in the book were a little too much for me to comprehend, causing me to eventually lose interest in finishing the book. Did I make an effort? Yes. Do I feel bad about not finishing the book? No. Would I recommend this book to others? I would still recommend this book for a good read if you want to challenge yourself to read this book on creating new habits and you really are interested in the topic of productivity. For me, I am still interested, however, I should have done more research, and found a book more my speed. But, it’s still seems like a good book to read. “Living by the Book” is taking me some time because I’m trying to improve my bible studying, and I want to really grasp the concepts shown in this book. So far, it has kept my attention, it is worth reading if you want to change your method of bible studying or if you’re trying to fully understand how to read the bible. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

My sugar is under control, I’ve only been checking it in the mornings before a meal. This week, I’m trying to check it before and after a meal now to make sure I’m still ok. My blood pressure is improving as well, until this past weekend. Mom and I went to Popeye’s, and delighted ourselves in the Spicy Chicken sandwich, and that plus not drinking enough water, was the cause of another spike this morning. But, I’m working on it, I know better now. This month of October, I’ve made MAJOR changes. Still working on an effective sleep routine, so once I’ve created it, and I have it down packed, I will keep you all posted and let you know how that’s been helping with my diabetes. It’s going to be wet again for a little while this week, so I’ll have to incorporate some indoor workouts but, I’m still sticking to working out every day or every other day. Overall, I’m still in good spirits with my health.

I decided to brainstorm some creative ideas for the blog. You all may have already noticed a change the theme. Let me know what you all think about it. Is it easier to read and understand? Are you all able to find my posts? Feel free to share with me your feedback. I decided that I’m going to challenge myself, and participate in Blogmas this year. I can’t wait, I’ve never done it before, and it sounds like it would be a lot of fun. Also, since I’ve been doing more writing, I started writing morning pages last week, which has inspired me to start writing a novel that I’ve been brainstorming and working on for a while. I may share some snippets on here for you all if you’d like that. Good things come to those who wait. I have two other passion projects in the works, but they are still under construction, but you all will get a special surprise post from me when it’s ready to launch. I’ve been a busy bee with all these creative ideas and I just need to get them out and get started working on them.

The biggest takeaway this month for me, is that I need to be wiser about my spending. My finances showed me the ugly truth about myself this month, and it gave me time to really reflect on how I’m living my life. Am I living my life to the fullest or am I just living my life worshipping these material things that don’t have value or they don’t bring me joy? I’ll be doing a few blog series that document how I’ve been changing some things around in my life, not just with my health, but in other areas that I realize causes me stress and anxiety when I don’t need it.

So, I’m going to say goodbye to October for now. I hope you all continue this journey with me into November. Share my story with friends and family, so we can all be on this journey together. I’ll check in with you later on.

Until next time…


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