Good afternoon

Just wanted to share with you all my update for this week. Long story short, it’s been hectic, busy, creative, and peaceful. Let’s get started:

ASHFORD UNIVERSITY: I turned in my video project for my last class and I’m waiting for the grades to come back. I hope I did ok. It was my first time recording and learning how to use iMovie. Last week, I told Jasmine that I was going to start vlogging, at least for practice. Even though I don’t have a vlogging camera yet, I can use my iPod to record, that way I just Airdrop the content and start editing through iMovie. I started my new class this week, and so far, inspired my peers and my professor with my story on mental health and how I’m working on other passion projects to continue to spread awareness of mental health. It made me smile to see my classmates and their interactions when they talked about reading the posts and how my experiences inspired them and motivated them to tell their stories and live in their truth. Only seven months left of school, and I’ll graduate with my BA in Communication Studies. 

HEALTH (PHYSICAL & MENTAL): My mental state has been pretty calm these past months since working from home. I have my moments when things are really high, and then I have my moments when things are really low. But overall, I’m still taking my medication, and still practicing ways to cope with my Bipolar. As far as my physical health, I have a physical coming up this week and I’m nervous. I’ve slowly started back getting active again, and my eating habits are still a work in progress. The last time I was this anxious when my results came back for Type 2 Diabetes, and I had my health scare back in 2018. I just hope they let me continue to work on my health the old fashion way. I go to the doctor on Thursday, so I’ll keep you all posted on what happened. Fingers crossed!

LESS SCREEN TIME: So far, this week has been 50/50 when it comes to me using less screen time. I’m on my workstation for most of the day since I’m working from home now. Then I take an hour break before looking at my laptop screen for another couple hours. Some days, I’ve tried to read my books on break. Other days, if I didn’t sleep well the previous night, I take a 15-30-minute nap instead to feel more rested and have more energy to finish my workday strong. However, I think that’s causes me to stay awake longer when it’s time for me to go to bed. I’m trying to break this cycle and improve on that as well. So, less screen time, more books, journaling, writing, and sleeping.

SPIRITUAL GROWTH: On my blog, I’ve been genuinely and brutally honest with you all. I’ve talked about things this week that I didn’t think I would talk about, but I’m glad I did. I talked about how rest isn’t a top priority in my life, I also talk about how I don’t seek guidance from The Holy Spirit when I’m having my Quiet Time, I’ve shared so many layers of myself this week, it’s been a struggle but also refreshing. I feel like I’m more relatable to you all if I just continue to be honest and share my story, even the ugly parts that most people don’t want to share. I’m growing and learning more about God and His love and mercy, how He wants us to be more God-like in a world full of evil, and how we must stay obedient to Him and practice applying His teachings to my life.

PERSONAL GROWTH: So, I started reading “Eat. Pray. Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert. It’s still a struggle to continue reading the book every day. I set a goal to read 25 pages a day, I think I’ll keep that as a goal until I become faster at reading. It feels like it takes me half an hour to read through the pages when really, it’s probably a few minutes. But I read slow, especially when it’s an adventure book like this one. I’m still writing and journaling, and it’s helped me with my blogging. So there will be more posts coming up in the next few weeks. I learned not to beat myself up over little things and trying not to let EVERYTHING stress me out. I’m also learning to build my relationships with my friends. I’m doing more texting and calling now, which is better than it was before.

Overall, everything is everything. Things are going ok, but I think that could be better. And it will get better. For now, I’m going to zone out for a few hours and work on writing this paper for class and respond back to my peers in the discussion boards.

Until next time…


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