Good afternoon

I’m back and thought I give you all another interesting read for the day. Today’s post is all about why I started blogging. So, let’s get started shall we?


Let’s go back to Tumblr, where I had a blog from 2010, until 2016. It was more of a collage of things, a virtual art journal in a way, where I posted my journal entries, favorite music, photos, quotes, artwork, and different kinds of things that represented me. But, I loved to write, and I remember researching on blogging and how to turn that into my career. Sadly, while I was working my full-time job, and learning about freelancing, my grandmother, Gennett Beverly, was going through health issues. In December of 2016, she passed away. It was hard for me to process it because you think your grandparents, or any of your loved ones would live forever. I remember that my Grandma and my Aunt Jasmine were the only family members at the time that I talked about my plans on writing and blogging as a future career. My Aunt inspired me to start it while I had the time. During that week, after saying our final goodbyes to my Grandma, I created an account on WordPress and decided to document every moment of my life, in a different way.


Over time, I was blogging about my everyday life. From what I did for the day, to the random thoughts that would fill my mind. Then, when I talked about my blog to my friend Jasmine, she asked me if I ever talked about my mental health. I told her that I didn’t think about doing that since I was a quiet person. But, I remember when I was doing my research about my mental health, I read about how in physical and mental health are not discussed among African Americans and People of Color. We don’t talk about it because we don’t want to be seen as weak or of a burden to others. After getting use to blogging for a few years, I made my blog official, and took the leap of purchasing my domain. It felt great because I was investing into something I’m passionate about. That moment out, I said I would try my best to invest in the blog, and any other passion project I’m working on in the future.


I’ve been journaling ever since I was a little girl. Blogging is like a step up from that for me. I’ve learned so much over the past five years of blogging. I’m still learning, and that’s ok. I know it takes patience, and I’m enjoying the process. I’m meeting new bloggers, and engaging with new faces. I’m getting more comfortable sharing my life with people, whereas before, I used to be terrified to share anything over the internet (don’t worry, I’m still careful with most of my personal information). Growing up, I loved staying in the stationary aisle, and always purchased notebooks, pens, and pencils for writing and taking notes. People use to discourage me by saying that you can’t making a living writing. I don’t pay them any attention, I just get on here and write for you all to my heart’s content.

And I’m going to continue to do just that.

So, that’s why I started blogging, I created the blog as a dedication to my grandmother, to help other individuals like myself with mental health learn that you can overcome many obstacles in life, and that I just love to write.

Well, hope you all enjoyed today’s entry. I’ll check back in on another day.

Until next time…


P.S. Wish me luck on Week 05, I have to turn in a video as part of my final project. Fingers crossed!

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