Happy Friday!

Before I get started into my work day, I just felt like blogging about some things that have been on my mind this week.

I don’t know why, but every time a new week starts, I used to feel like we’re never getting to Friday and the weekend. Now, I realize I just need to enjoy the moment, and take this time to work on myself, and teach myself something new everyday.

Note to self: Keep Passion Planner and pens close by when watching insightful YouTube videos, and always set good intentions for the week, and set good intentions for each day.

Here are my intentions for the day and for the weekend:

  • Start/End each day with Meditation and Quiet Times🧘🏾‍♀️
  • Watch Marie Kondo series on Netflix- if you haven’t seen it yet, watch it!!!! (Great to binge watch 😊😊😊)
  • Declutter- clothes, bath/body products, electronics, and accessories
  • Start tracking physical and mental health- mood, habits, weight loss, meditation
  • Practice self-care routine- still a work in progress, and that’s ok 🥰
  • Continue to focus on school- work on paper for Week 04 and prepare for Week 05
  • Continue working on passions- especially this blog
  • Finishing copying files for work

It feels good starting the day off writing and blogging. When I started working from home, I would have a million thoughts in my mind, and never took the time to write them down or do a brain dump. Now, whether it’s a few minutes before work or during my lunch break, I make sure to journal, brain dump, and make notes so that I can clear my head, but also save any creative ideas that pop up at random so I can come back to them for reference.

I have a question: do you guys think that any form of writing is a good way to start the day? Do you all have your own creative routine to be more productive during the day and throughout the week, especially during these uncertain times?

Just some things to think about. But, it’s time to me to put on my game face for work.

Talk later…


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