Good evening

So started the day off with some quiet time and reading. Then made myself another yummy B.E.L.T for breakfast, and then started working on my paper for this week. After that, I went over Mom’s house as we started on the adventure to find her a new house.

The first house we looked at, it was Mom’s dream home. As we walked inside, right away there were parts of the house that needed work. Luckily, my brother Reggie came with us to give us the details of how much work the house needed.

Long story short, Mom’s dream home was not meant to be. So we looked at more homes.

After spending most of the day with Mom, she is still hopeful that she’ll find a house for her to call home. I came home to work on schoolwork and my paper for this week. I’m glad I’m off Monday so I can relax.

Just finished eating my California Roll from Drunken Fish. Its one of my favorite treats to eat on a Friday or over a Holiday Weekend. I brewed myself a fresh cup of TAZO Passion tea. About to ensure the evening with some Dr. Pol, then call it a night soon.

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend.

Until next time…

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