Good evening 🌙

So April is gone, and May is here. Let me recap how April went for me:

APR. 2020: For the entire month, my home life and work life come together in harmony. My experience working from home has been overall positive. I’m getting more sleep, I’m not as stressed as I used to be, I have a flexible schedule, and I’m around family throughout the week so we all check on each other. We’ve also been getting back into the swing of working out thanks to my folks. Unfortunately, that’s the one thing that has affected my mood…and my waistline 😂😂😂. But my mental health has been more positive than negative about the whole situation. I’ve gotten back into my creative side with sketching, writing, and blogging. So I’m sticking with 2 words for the remainder of 2020 and that is:



MAY 2020: Since those are my words for the rest of the year, here are my goals for this month:

✨Continue to work on my workout routine

✨Stick to my routine with online classes (kicking ass in my classes 😊😊😊)

✨Continue practicing sketching skills

✨Remain positive through these hard times 😇

Well you guys, my meds have kicked in so that’s another thing I’m working on: more sleep 😪😪😪

Until next time…

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