Good morning 🌞

I sit here in the comfort of my living room, watching another episode of Criminal Minds, waiting the arrival of my Doordash order for myself and Pops (he wanted Arby’s). Earlier, went out for a walk with Mom, talking about how its been like working from home, our grocery lists and how to prepare to get them, early spring cleaning, and my hit/miss experience of coloring my hair.

After our walk, I browsed on Pinterest for inspiration for approaching my self-care routine, which has also been a hit/miss experience lately. The question I keep asking myself and been asking myself all week is:

“What helped me the most when I was on top of my routine in the past?”

This week, I did a few things to start. I’ve gotten back into the habit of listening to audiobooks. I finished “Their Eyes Are Watching God” and will start “Queen Sugar” next week. Books like these help me stay creative. It helps with my imagination and keeps me sane and calm. Things like this is what I need for my self-care routine. Pinterest is a great way to destress just by looking at the pictures and reading the posts.

So today, I’m just going to take things easy, see where the day takes me, and what activities I can get into to get me back to the old me from 2019. I laugh thinking about how I told myself that 2020 was going to be the year for me. Guess we were all telling ourselves that, and now, 2020 is telling us to stop doing things so quickly, stop doing things by yourself, and just enjoy the moment. God is showing us that 2020 is the year of changes, the year of making things right.

Well, I’m going to continue to read, reflect, and…wait on my Doordash for today. Stay safe and healthy you all, and stay positive πŸ˜Šβœ¨πŸŒΉπŸ’•

Until next time…


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