Good morning ☀️

Well, March came and went. We’re now in the month of April, and it’s kind of starting to feel like springtime outside, even though we’ve been cooped up inside. Here is what March has taught me:

BALANCE- Earlier this month, I had my mental check-up with my therapist, Dr. Park. This year was off to a rocky start for me. I got sick with sinus issues, not to mention I was starting online classes soon. And I had fallen off track with my health journey all over again. We talked about how I’m learning to find balance in my life again. Its still a struggle, but I’m trying to maintain some things in my life right now.

HEALTH- I picked up my weight again this year. And I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things thanks to Mom. Since both of us are working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she’s been helping me get back moving again by walking for 30 minutes after our shifts. I’m eating…decent. But still drinking plenty of water and hot drinks right now. Migraines haven’t caused me any issues…until today. Currently fighting one as we speak so I’ll try to take things easy today.

CONSISTENCY- I’m sticking to blogging whenever I can. But March taught me to be consistent with my goals and passions. After my meeting with my lead, it had me thinking that I should start considering looking into a different career path that falls under my degree. So while I work on improving my skills, I’m also going to continue doing research on freelancing, and how to get started. I know I want to do freelancing, but I want to make sure I’m prepares before taking that step.

So, if I could rate myself for the month of March, I would give myself a 7. I made mistakes, but I’m still learning, and I’m working on getting better.

Well, I’ll check in with you guys later on today.

Until next time…

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