Good evening all πŸŒ™

I’m back with another weekly update for the month. Good news, school is still going strong. Bad news, procrastination kicked my ass…AGAIN!!!!

  • Sunday- Finished my Week 03 paper, prepared for Week 04 of school, and prepared outfits for this week and the following week.
  • Monday- Came into work, with my new humidifier, and finished up one of the tasks I wrote down on my check-list. Later that night, went to rehearsal with Mom and came home and crashed.
  • Tuesday- Almost panicked because one of our assignments for class was to do an interview with someone from another country. Problem? I didn’t know anyone personally that moved from one country to the USA. So, instead tried to work on the second discussion post instead for the week.
  • Wednesday- Emailed my instructor about the assignment and found a work-around, and then emailed my Auntie later that evening for her help. And procrastinated for the rest of the evening after eating dinner with Mom and Dad. (Procrastination Day 1)
  • Thursday- Ordered Imo’s pizza for Dad, which led to a Pizza party at my apartment with my parents yet again. And in the midst of this, watched the Aaron Hernadez documentary on Netflix while trying to work on my second discussion post for the week. Long story short, watch really good shows and docu-series over the weekends, off days, vacation days, and sick days. (Procrastination Day 2)
  • Yesterday- Went to work, finished one project, and went to Bread Co. with Mom to celebrate the homegoing of one of her classmates. I wanted to be there for her and I was glad to see she had a good time talking with other classmates from her school. Then, ended the night watching Flint Town on Netflix, and stayed up late nursing a migraine, watching the series, and then watching Mighty Ducks on DisneyPlus. (Procrastination Day 4)
  • Today- Continued watching Mighty Duck, and rewatched the Aaron Hernandez story, and stayed watching Netflix for the entire evening, and now currently watching Philly the Kid as we speak (Procrastination Day 5) and enjoyed binging on Imo’s again with Dad.

Long story short, procrastination has been my struggle. Struggle with health, school, even work at times. Some how, it just sneaks up on me and dominates me. During my doctor’s visit, I mentioned that growing up, procrastination has been my best friend. The problem, I try not to let it be, but obviously, I need to discipline myself more. It’s crazy how I went from extremely beast mode last year to just being stuck. I need help getting out of this funk.

But that’s the thing about a new week, it’s like a fresh start to trying to form new habits and breaking old ones. I’m trying, it’s hard but I’m trying. Don’t worry, I’m hanging in there.

Until next time…

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