Good morning 🌞

So, tomorrow, I will be starting my first course of the year. The funny thing is…I’ve already gotten a head start Friday. Once I logged into my student portal, I became anxious when I found some of my announcements were sent out on January 8th! 😌😳😡😫.

So, for majority of Friday night, I spent it accessing my materials for the class, making sure I read the correct information, and turned in my first assignment BEFORE Day 1. At first, I was starting to have a slight moment of anxiety, until a reminder popped in my head from Mom:

“Don’t frustrate yourself, or make yourself feel overwhelmed. Take a deep breath, say a prayer, take your time, and stay focus. And you’ll do just fine.”

So, I did just that. I stepped away from my computer, took a deep breath, said a prayer, and took my time to go over the things I needed to do for Week 1. And I took my time from there. Saturday, I took breaks. For 2 hours, I would focus on schoolwork, took a break, and came back to focus for another 2 hours, took a break, and did the same thing again until 7:30 that night. That was my stopping point for the day.

Sunday, I took the day to just relax, reflect, reset, and prepare for this week. And, declared that Sundays would the one day I have to focus on myself. This year, I think online school is going to go just fine 😊. I’ll keep the same positive attitude, and keep moving forward.

Can’t wait for tomorrow…

Until next time…