Good evening πŸŒ™

It’s been a little bit of a struggle getting back in the groove of things since coming back from vacation.

Today was even more hectic than yesterday. I have a project I’ve been working on since the week BEFORE Christmas, and let’s just say, they wanted it done today…TODAY! Unfortunately, it didn’t get 100% finished today, but I at least got to the halfway point. One of the goals I made for myself this year was not to let work frustrate me. If I get things done, I get them done. Whatever doesn’t get done, can wait until the following day or week, when I have a new pair of eyes and a fresh mindset to take on the challenge. So, today was one of those days I looked at my work, and told myself that it can wait until morning. And I went home.

Stress was one of my major triggers towards my health last year, and I’m not going to let it get me down this year 😊😊😊.

Well, time for bed. Mom and I had Tucano’s to celebrate my birthday and let’s just say, it was the perfect way to end a work day like this one β™₯️.

Until next time…