A Farewell to 2018

Hey guys.

Let me start by saying Merry Christmas, and I hope everyone is enjoying the Holidays so far.

I just wanted to come on here and tell you guys that this is the first/last post on this blog of the year. If you guys remember, I had my original blog that I start a year ago. The problem, so many things have happened in my life, and I wasn’t being honest with myself, not even honest with the ones that read the old blog or viewed it. So let me apologize, the real me for majority of this year is that I’m a HUGE procrastinator. I know we all do it, but when you saying you’re going to do something on a blog, and then not do it after posting, then it feels like a lie.

2018 has been a rollercoaster for me, in a bad way. I don’t want to step into 2019 with this negative energy, negative thinking, just anything toxic for me overall. I want to be better in 2019. I’m going to take my art seriously, I’m breaking out of my shell and try new things. I’m going to be a risk taker this new year. Looking back, I did have some positives in 2018, but I feel the year could have went a little smoother if I had made smarter choices. But hey, I’m still adulting and still learning.

So, I wanted to kick off this new blog with a short post about leaving 2018. As I say goodbye to the old year, I’m ready to embrace and welcome the new year. No more excuses, no more bullshitting around, no more putting things off. I’m going to change my circumstances and my environment.

See you guys in the new year.

Until 2019

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